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Szent Márton Pediatric Emergency Medical Service

In order to make Christmas of 2010 a more special, we voted to help the Children's Ambulance Service Foundation of Saint Martin by donating money towards a children's ambulance which they were consequently able to acquire in 2011.

The immediate care and transportation of infants and small children in life-threatening situations require special knowledge, practice and equipment making the acquisition of new ambulances especially important. With these ambulance cars, mobile intensive care units can be set up within minutes anywhere making it possible for a medical team to take care of more than 2000 children, oftentimes in critical condition, per year.

The Children's Ambulance Service Foundation of Saint Martin was created to help Hungary's National Ambulance Service with specialized ambulance cars and medical staff for the saving of children's lives. Currently, the Foundation has three such automobiles: one in Budapest, one in Miskolc and one in Debrecen. The teams of all units are made up of pediatric intensive care doctors, licensed ambulance nurses and drivers. One of our own, Peter Krivácsy, MD, anesthesiologist and intensive care therapist and specialist in infant and pediatric care strengthens the Budapest team. He is also a member of the supervisory board.

We are proud of the help we were able to offer the National Ambulance Service and eagerly await to hear the news of when the newest ambulance car will be put into service. We hope that many children's lives will be saved in the future as a result!

Please support the work of the Foundation with 1% of your taxes. You may find further information at
Szent Márton Gyermekmentő Szolgálat Közhasznú Alapítvány (English and German versions available).

Thank you for your support!