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    I was a patient at the National Center for Spinal Disorders in the Fall of 2011.

    Since my condition was rapidly deteriorating, I was able to personally experience several services, including that of surgery. I am very satisfied with the care I received and would especially like to recommend your institution for the following reasons:

    1. Economized time: the doctors do not waste time, stick to the facts and help the patient make an effective and rational decision.

    2. Flexibility: the members of the medical team organize their time to the best of their ability under the given circumstances.

    3. Patience: the doctors and nurses are calm, proactive and empathetic.

    4. Security: the feeling of personal as well as physical security is enhanced through information, actions and problem solving.

    5. Professionalism:  during examinations, the doctors are circumspect and go into detail to ensure that the patient understands the "why" and the "wherefore" of what is happening.

    6. Reachability: the hospital is in an excellent location, has good parking and is easily reached even from the countryside.

    I will try and support the Buda Health Center in the future, taking advantage of other services, as I should need them, and offer my 1% tax deduction.
    Thank you again for the high quality professional care!
    Gabriella Gulyás


    Dear Ágota Pethő:

    Please forward my appreciation to Dr. Éva Lajos and the entire Buda Health Center regarding my health screening examination.

    At the time of my examination, I had no complaints, no symptoms and the examination results were, generally, good except for the PSA value that was found to be slightly elevated. I was advised to have the test repeated in 3-4 months, which I did at the Uzsoki Hospital. Since the results showed the PSA still above normal, biopsy followed in May wherein cancerous cells were found in the prostate gland. Radical prostate resection was recommended. The laparoscopy was performed by Gábor Kovács, MD on August 23 at the Army Hospital. The surgery was successful and I was able to return to work in two and one half weeks later.

    I had to wait one month for the histological results. Fortunately, these were negative and I was not required to undergo drastic follow-up treatments. I must have the PSA checked every 2 months.
    I thank my company and you for recognizing this illness in time and, hopefully, getting rid of it for good.



    Dear Dr. Nagy,

    I take this opportunity to thank you for your professional and at the same time human support. During these 2 years in Hungary I've been fully assisted and advised on all my problems so I am very satisfied of the service that I received.

    Wish you a Happy Xmas and a Good 2011

    Vincenza, G.
    Opel Southeast Europe Kft.


    Thank you!

    I would like to say that I am very, very satisfied with the Buda Health Center and that I have already recommended your clinic to many of my friends.
    It is amazing how effective and friendly your staff is.
    Your entire clinic radiates cleanliness and calmness. Everyone is very helpful and smiling, even late in the evening, towards the end of office hours. You could successfully compete with any West European private clinic.

    I trust your health care services completely.

    Viola E. Vajda, MD


    Letter of recommendation to the Buda Health Center

    Our company, SAP Hungary KFT., chose the Buda Health Center (hereinafter BEK) for its health care needs. BEK will perform the required basic occupational health examinations and the supplemental health care services we requested for our 150 employees. The supplemental services include complete outpatient care, patient orientation and consultation which we increased this year by adding family practice. We wished to offer our employees such benefits that would heighten their sense of security, add to their level of satisfaction and, at the same time, increase their work capacity.

    We regularly measure our employees' satisfaction level with BEK's services. The feedback has been very positive, praising the quality level, the speed of administration, discretion, the short waiting period and the cultured surroundings.

    Since we are very interested in preventing possible back, spine, musculoskeletal and neurological system problems arising from stress, sedentary work and sitting in front of the computer screen, we were very pleased to learn that each one of our employees considered BEK to be a place of very high quality and greatly successful in its preventive and healing work.

    Thus, on the basis of our above experiences, it gives me great pleasure to recommend BEK to you with the utmost confidence.

    Dr. Tamás Mezey
    HR and Legal Director
    SAP Hungary Kft.


    Dear Dr. Nagy,

    Thank you, thank you for your accommodating, professionalism, humanism, thoroughness, caring and last, but not least, your unending patience with which and the manner in which you have treated us. I insisted on seeing you even at Medicover. I was immensely overwhelmed when, due to a small complaint of mine, you came in to work feverish! It is an unusual doctor who, after many years of practice, has not become jaded and still treats his or her patients with empathy and caring. It was well worth following you to the Buda Health Center! I know that our health is in the best hands! I feel that I owe you a thank you and should thank you not only when I am in need. I would also like to thank Dr. Erika Hrecska, in my husband's name, for her excellent work!

    I hope, with all my heart that you will be treating and healing patients for many years to come.
    I consent to the publication of this email.

    Mrs. Peter Schafer
    Austromar KFT.Bp.


    To Everyone who has not yet been to the Buda Health Center!

    If you would like to experience for the first time your life being treat as a human being in a health institution, then I recommend that you visit the above institution. It is true that you have to spend 3-4 hours there for the examinations, but, in the cultured environment and with the help of the caring staff, this is not difficult, in the least. The nurses are exceptionally helpful and it is obvious, by the doctors' deportment, that they are there for us and not the other was around.

    This is not an advertisement, but, an opinion.
    Endre Kollár


    Letter of recommendation to the services of the Buda Health Center

    Our company, Unilever Magyarország Kft., contracted with the Buda Health Center for health screening examinations. According to our colleagues that have taken part in these examinations, the work at the Buda Health Center is performed in extremely cultured surroundings with continuous high level of professionalism.

    It gives me great pleasure to recommend the Buda Health Center to you on the basis of our experience.

    Szilveszter Koppány, MD
    Medical Director
    Unilever Magyarország Kft.


    The employee health screening examinations save lives - an article the appeared in the Sanofi-Aventis company newspaper

    Time and money may be saved with the organized employee health screening examinations, but, what is even more important, lives may be saved - said László Porcsalmy Director of Security Systems. You don't even need to take out vacation time.

    The company continuously organizes the health screening examinations which our employees may take advantage of free of charge.