The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Quality Control Policy

Our goal at the Buda Health Center is to provide quality individualized health care to our patients and maintaining a high standard level of professionalism and discretion in a dependable and trusted environment. We know no compromise in our service standard.

It is also important that our health care service be appraised objectively and inspected by inside as well as outside independent auditors according to MSZ EN 9001:2001 regulation and the Hungarian Health Care Standards (MEES 1.0) that regulate the development, operation, certification and maintenance of our quality control system.

Our integrated quality control system regulates in detail not only all appointments, examinations, treatments, health maintenance and diagnostic processes, but all questions concerning documentation, patients' rights, complaints and data protection.

Our doctors have excellent qualifications, many years of experience, they are well-known and well-liked by our patients. We encourage and facilitate continuous education and training in order to keep up with current scientific and technological advancements.

Beside the required qualifications, our entire staff; as part of our health care or administration, are expected to show empathy, the willingness to help, punctuality and flexibility.

We only purchase high quality, leading equipments’ from suppliers who are highly recommended and are dependable, thus ensuring the quality of the care and service we offer our Patients. Our integrated quality control system is regularly checked for its effectiveness, by regularly polling our patients for information regarding their satisfaction levels. This helps us maintain the high level of health care service and ascertain the direction of further development.