The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Patients' rights and responsibilities.

Patients’ Rights

Parliamentary Act No CLIV of 1997 regarding health care based on international norms encompasses the principles of patients’ rights.  The following patients’ rights are listed:

  • the right to proper health care,
  • the right to the preservation of dignity,
  • the right to keep in touch,
  • the right to leave an institution,
  • the right to be informed,
  • the right to self-determination,
  • the right to reject treatment,
  • the right to review own medical records,
  • the right to doctor’s confidentiality.

Patients’ Duties

The patient is required to:

  • respect the health care regulations and keep the house rules;
  • cooperate with the medical staff: provide all information necessary in order to set up a diagnosis, determine treatment and perform interventions;
  • follow the treatment instructions;
  • respect the rights of other patients just as the patient’s own rights are respected by others and do not violate the rights of the medical staff; 
  • co-operate with the medical staff as far as his or her capacities and knowledge allow  by informing them regarding all that might endanger the life or health of others especially in regards to contagious diseases or conditions.