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A new endoscope has been installed.

Ez a cikk több mint 2 éve frissült utoljára. Kérjük, olvasáskor vegye ezt figyelembe!

We have a new high technology endoscope!  The new device will increase the effectiveness of colon examination more than ever before and be easier on the patient.

The newest HD quality FUJINON 600 with its sharper and enlargeable pictures and Flexible spectral Imaging Color Enhancement (FICE) technique will make the early discovery of abnormalities and the taking of the most precise biopsy samples possible.  The ColoAssist technology allows the device to better conform to the intestinal windings, thereby easing entry and the push forward.  The end of the device contains a source of light, a miniature camera and a tiny hook-like instrument used not only for sample taking but also for removing polyps.

We are the first private institution in Hungary to have a system with which examinations of the large intestine are the most effective to date.  Our experienced and highly regarded gastroenterologists perform the examinations while the patient’s health is assured by the hospital environment and the anesthesiological and intensive care background support.

We recommend that the colon endoscopy be performed under anesthesia since that would make the procedure painless for the patient and allow the doctor to perform a more relaxed and more circumspect examination.

Who should have an endoscopy?

  • those who are over 50 years old,
  • whose work and life style is mainly sedentary,
  • who smokes,
  • who drinks alcohol, whose diet is poor in fibers, who eats spicy foods,
  • whose family medical history includes colon cancer,
  • who already had intestinal complaints, such as polyps on the intestinal wall that were removed or chronic inflammatory intestinal disorders.

Also those having the following symptoms:

  • blood in the stool
  • otherwise unexplainable recurrent digestion complaints, such as bloating, cramps, difficulty in moving the bowels, alternately suffering from diarrhea and constipation or pencil thin stool,
  • sudden weight loss, weakness, no appetite, anemia.
If you experience symptoms such as these, go see a gastroenterologist immediately!

Patient safety protocol

We consider the safety of our patients and our professionals to be of the utmost importance, therefore, in accordance with the current regulations in force, we implement several protective measures against COVID-19 in our Institute, which you can read about in detail HERE. A negative PCR test is required for oral and other body cavity examinations or interventions if the patient had a positive PCR test in the last 3 weeks prior to the test.

The high level of interest in coronavirus testing has proportionally increased the workload of our telephone customer service. In order to improve our service, we provide a dedicated telephone line for corona virus test appointments: +36 1 999-1727
At the above telephone number - on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. - our colleagues only book appointments for coronavirus testing.

To download the on-site pre-screening questionnaire, please click HERE!

In order to provide mandatory information to the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) in accordance with legal regulations, the basic condition for starting care for all Hungarian citizens is to provide the number of the social security identification card ("TAJ kártya") and to provide credible proof of your personal data. In the case of foreign nationals who do not have a TAJ, the number of the foreign travel document will be recorded.