The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Patient safety protocol at Buda Health Center

At our Institute, we fully comply with the current regulations in force and implement several protective measures against COVID-19.

Mask use
All specialists and employees of the Institute wear masks while working. Mask use is also mandatory for our esteemed patients.
Patients entering the building undergo a pre-screening where body temperature measurements, data reconciliation and hand disinfection take place. The reception service will only allow further entry into the building if the data show negative results. Relatives may enter the Institute only if the patient is a minor or unable to get around or take care of the administrative tasks due to limited mobility or other reasons. In this case, only one extra person can be admitted.

Hand disinfection
We have installed hand sanitizers at several parts of the building, which can be used quickly and easily.
Air disinfection devices
Air disinfection is an essential extra step in effective infection control if we want to comply with a high quality hygiene protocol. Air disinfection devices (2 i-air pro and 20 plasma technology devices) are located at strategic parts in the Buda Health Center. These can be found in the waiting rooms and in the intensive care unit, as well as in the high-risk specialist practices that are part of the procedure such as otolaryngology or dentistry. The devices are also used in surgical practices.

Disinfection robot
The UVC light emitted by the disinfection robot triggers a photochemical reaction, breaking down the RNA and DNA of microorganisms. The sites of surgical procedures can be cleaned of various bacteria, viruses, yeasts or molds without the further use of chemicals or toxic compounds.