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Hygiene rules at home in case of COVID-19 infection

In order to make an appointment for a coronavirus test (COVID-19), please call +36 1 999-1727 !

Coronavirus patients who have less or no symptoms and do not need hospital care have to be self-isolated at home for about 2 weeks. Ideally, the person infected is at home alone, or those living in the same household can temporarily move out for the time of isolation. Our specialists have collected rules that make living together safer when moving out is not possible.

The patient has to keep distance from family members, stay and sleep in a separate room.
  2.  The patient and the family members from the same household have to be especially aware of hygiene rules (hand hygiene, keeping distance, opening windows regularly for improving air quality, wearing mask and gloves, disinfecting surfaces), as the patient who either has or does not have symptoms can for a shorter or longer time pass the SARS-CoV-2 virus.
  3.  The family member tending the patient has to wash hands thoroughly with antimicrobial liquid soap after taking care of the patient. It is advised to use hand sanitizing products containing 70% alcohol also when washing hands. These are available in pharmacies and drugstores.
  4.  It is important to disinfect the patient’s cutlery separately before doing the dishes, either the dishes are washed manually or done by a dishwasher. The dishwasher has to be set at a minimum of 55-60 °C.
  5.  Personal hygiene has to be taken seriously: family members should use a separate toilet and shower, if possible.
  6.  If a separate bathroom is not available, the patient always has to be the last one using the shower, which has to be disinfected in a mask afterwards. The patient also has to disinfect the toilet seat, the toilet flush, the tap and the door handle after each use. The patient should not share hand towels with other members of the family either.
  7.  The surfaces used by the patient have to be cleaned and disinfected daily.
  8.  It is important to wash patient’s clothes, underwear and bed linen separately from other family members’ clothes, at a minimum of 60 °C, using additional disinfectant detergent.
  9.  It is important to change bed linen, pyjamas and towels regularly (in every 2-3 days, until the symptoms resolve).
 10.  Collect patient’s clothes, bed linen and pyjamas in a plastic bag for the laundry. Throw the plastic bag out afterwards and never use it again.
 11.  The family member has to wear disposable rubber gloves and a mask when putting the patient’s clothes in the washing machine. Sanitize hands right after taking off the gloves, then remove the mask and throw it in the bin. Sanitize hands again.
 12.  The patient’s toothbrush has to be replaced in every 10 days during and following recovery as well.
 13.  Use mouthwash containing alcohol regularly.
 14.  Take out all piercings from nose and mouth, disinfect them and put them aside. Replace them after full recovery.
 15.  Post-COVID-19 test is only recommended if the patient has no symptoms at all. There is no point in taking the test when having cold, hoarse voice, headache or weakness, even if the patient is 10 or 21 days over the infection.