The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Bolczár, Szabolcs


Medical specialism

  • Problems caused by lifestyle (difficulties caused by relationships or family conflicts, workplace troubles)
  • Anxiety problems (especially panic attacks)
  • Mood disorders
  • Crisis interventions
  • Obstructions related to grief
  • Wrestling with chronic diseases
  • LMBTQ clients
  • Religious crisis

Professional experience

  • 2000 – : National Center for Spinal Disorders
    • Informatics
    • Controlling
    • 2007 – 2012: Research and Development
    • 2012 – : Department of Psychotherapy
  • 2018 – : Buda Health Center

Education and qualifications

  • 2010: Psych fitness – stress managing and mental health techniques
  • 2011: The Focusing Institute New York, Focus 1. course
  • 2013: Psychology, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
  • 2015: MA, psychology
  • 2016: Person-Centered therapy, Hungarian Person-Centered Psychotherapy and Consultation Society
  • 2016 – : clinical and adult mental health course

Language skills

  • English
  • Norwegian

Professional and society membership

  • Hungarian Psychology Society
  • Hungarian Spine Society

Scientific activity

  • The measurement of depression and anxiety in hospital conditions (from 2013)
  • The prospective survey of spinal patients’ psychosocial status
  • Presentations
    • Harkai V., Császár N., Bagdi P., Bolczár Sz., Fazekas B., Horváth L., Pataki N., Stoll D., Varga P.P., (2012). “A serdülőkori idiopáthiás scoliosis pszichológiai vonatkozásai – szakirodalmi összefoglaló.” Hungarian Spine Society 2012 annual Scientific Conference. Bükfürdő, 07-09th December 2012
    • Bagdi P., Császár-Nagy N., Bolczár Sz., Stoll D:, Kiss E. Cs. (2015). “A szorongás, depresszió és reziliencia gerincműtét előtti mértékének hatása a gerincműtét utáni életminőségre krónikus fájdalombetegek körében.” The Hungarian Psychology Society XXIV. Scientific Conference. Eger, 27-29th May 2015

    • Bagdi P., Császár-Nagy N., Bolczár Sz., Font O., Harkai V., Mezei Á., Pataki N., Stoll D. (2014). “A krónikus fájdalom pszichoterápiája.” The Hungarian Psychology Society XXIII. National Scientific Conference. 15-17th May 2014

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