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1967-1969      Institute of Experimental Medicine of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 
1969              Joined the 4th Surgical Department of the Semmelweis University and completed his surgical training
1972              Passed the board examination in general surgery with excellent qualifications.
1973              Began his training in vascular surgery
1975-76         Awarded a fellowship of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation in Germany and worked at the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich.
1976              Qualified as vascular surgeon under Professor Georg Heberer.
1976             Returned to Hungary and introduced modern vascular surgical techniques in his home institution. His surgical Department became the chair of Cardiovascular Surgery and National Institute of Vascular Surgery. The Department was given the duty to organize the vascular surgical service for Hungary.
1978              Nominated assistant professor of surgery and head of the division of vascular surgery.
1980-present  Became program director of vascular surgical training, when Hungary introduced the secondary specialty examination.
1983              Visiting professor at the Mayo Clinic.
1984              Earned academic degree with thesis on „ Surgical treatment of renovascular hypertension.
1989              Named associate professor of surgery at his University Department.
1990-1991      Invited to the Mayo Clinic and appointed research associate at Division of Vascular Surgery. 
                     Did intensive research on spinal cord protection during thoracabdominal aortic surgery.
1994           Became full professor of surgery. He has performed more than 12000 operations on the vascular system.
He started in Hungary the carotid, visceral, renal reconstructions, thoracoabdominal aortic, aortic arch replacements and reconstructive venous surgery.  Pioneered hybrid operations of the thoracic aorta in Hungary.
2002           Received the Batthyanyi-Strattman Award given by the Government of the Hungarian Republic
2005           Received the János Balassa medal from the Hungarian Surgical Society
2006           Received the Hemingway Award
2007           Left the University and joined the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery at the National Institute of Health of Hungary,
a NATO reference Hospital

Visiting professorhips and invited lectures:
1983 Mayo Clinic, USA
1986,1989, 1992 Padova University, Italy
1989University of Washington State, Seattle, USA, UCSF
1991,1995 Uniformed Services University of Health Services, Bethesda , USA
1994 Ferrara University, Italy
1995 University of Bari, Italy
1996 USUHS, Bethesda, USA
1997 University of Bari, Italy
1998, 2001 Mayo Clinic, USA
1994, 1998 Keio University, Tokyo, Japan
1999, 2000, 2001, 2004 University of North Carolina
2002 Padova University, Italy
2002 Belgrade University, Serbia-Montenegro
2003 Hopital Pitier-Salpetriere, Paris
2004 Univerisity of Milan, San Rafaele
2005 University of Messina, Italy
2005 University of Marosvásárhely, Transylvania-Rumania
2005 University of Insubria, Italy
2006 Carolinas Heart Center
2007 University of Novi Sad
2007-2008-2009-2010 North Carolina Heart Center
2010 Military Medical Academy of Serbia

Life demonstration of surgical procedures:
Bari (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey), Split (Croatia), Timisoara (Rumania), Lucenec (Slovakia)
Organized 4 European Congresses ( 1990 ESCVS, 1994 European Union of Phlebology,
1996 IUA, 2001 ESCVS) and 28 international symposia.

Initiated the Hungarian-German, Hungarian-Austrian., Hungarian-American professional meetings.

2009 Organized the Mayo International Vascular Symposium in Budapest
Member of the editorial Board of the EJVES for 10 years.
Regional editor of the Journal of International Angiology

1989-1993 Secretary General of the Hungarian Society for Angiology
1992-1997 President of the Hungarian Society for Angiology and VascularSurgery
1996-2000 Vice President of the ESCVS
2000- Became President of the European Society of Cardiovascular Surgery
2001- Became advisor at the Internatioal Union of Angiology
2002- President of the International Vascular Workshop in Innsbruck/Austria
2003- Gave the Leriche Memorial Lecture in Helsinki
2004- Presented the Soltész Memorial Lecture
2005- Received the Hemingway Foundation Award
2006- Honorary member of the International College of Angiology
2007- Invited Professor of the Novi Sad University and Belgrade University
2010- Chairman of the Emerick Szilágyi Hungarian Chapter of th e Society of Vascular Surgery
2012 Honorary Professor of the Timisoara University /Rumania
Member of 5 international and honorary member of 5 national societies
Honorary member of the Austrian , German, Croatian, Serbian and Slovakian professional Societies
Founding member of the Central European Vascular Forum.
Member of the Nomination Committee of the Keio Award, Tokyo/Japan

Author of 18 book chapters (12 international), 164 scientific papers and gave 451lectures mostly at international forums.

Married with two sons.  One son is a cardiac surgeon at the same department.
The younger is Legal Director of the Microsoft Hungary Ltd.