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Dzsinich, Csaba, MD, Prof.



I practice all of the arterial and venous surgery, and other specialised interventions as a result of the knowledge I gathered. My specialty expands to the aortic arch, the chest and abdominal aorta and the implantation of endografts and the hybrid treatment of the sub-veins from the main artery. My knowledge in the area of veins is treating the tumour disorders that affect the larger veins, and also traditional and endovenous treatment.

Medical specialism

  • Vascular surgery
  • Aorta surgery
  • Aortic arch surgery
  • Aorta of chest
  • Visceral arteries
  • Kidney arteries
  • Endograft treatment of aorta diseases

Professional experience

  • 1967 – 1969: Institute of Experimental Medicine, MTA
    • Morphological electron microscope research
  • 1969 – 1975: 4th Surgical Clinic, Semmelweis University
  • 1975 – 1976: Surgical Clinic, University of Munich
    • Vascular surgery internship
  • 1976 – : Vein and Heart Surgery Clinic
    • 1976 – : Responsible for studies
    • 1978 – : Head of Vein Surgery
    • 1981 – : Clinical adjunct
  • 1989 – : Semmelweis University
    • 1989 – : Docent
    • 1995 – : Professor
    • 1997 – : Habilitated professor
  • 1990 – 1991: Mayo Clinic
    • Researcher
  • 2002 – : Buda Health Center

Education and qualifications

  • 1967: Faculty of Medicine – Semmelweis University
  • 1972: qualifying exam in general surgery
  • 1980: qualifying exam in vein surgery
  • 1997: Dr. Habil

Language skills

  • German
  • English

Professional and society membership

  • Hungarian Angiology Society
    • 1989 – 1993: Chief secretary
    • 1993 – 1997: Director
  • European Heart and Vein Surgery Society
    • 1996 – 2000: Vice director
    • 2000: Director
  • European Board of Vascular Surgery
  • International Vascular Workshop
    • 2001: Director
  • International Union of Angiology
    • Member of Directory
  • Central European Vascular Forum
    • Founding member
  • Hungarian Surgical Society
    • Member of Directory
  • Hungarian Angiology and Vein Surgery Society
    • Member of Directory
  • Hungarian Society of Hypertension and Nephrology
    • Member of Directory
  • Surgical College
    • Member of Directory
  • European Journal of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery
    • Member of Editorial Board
    • Peer
  • Journal of International Angiology
    • Regional editor
  • German, Austrian, Croatian, Slovak, Serbian, Romanian professional societies
    • Honorary member

Scientific activities

  • Awards
    • 1996 – 2000: Széchenyi scholarship
    • 2002: Batthyányi -Strattman award
    • 2003: Soltész Lajos medallion
    • 2005: Balasa János medallion
    • 2005: Markusovszky award
    • 2005: Hemingway Foundation award
  • In 1976 professor Heberer pronounced him a vein surgeon specialist. After his homecoming he began to revolutionise Hungarian vein surgery methods in the Vein and Heart Surgery Clinic.

    From 1980 he was preparing specialist candidates. In 1984 he defended his candidate thesis, “The surgical treatment of renovascular hypertension”.

    In 1990 – 1991 he spent 16 months researching into the prevention of ischemia of the spinal cord at the Mayo Clinic. His studieses were supported by OTKA, so he could continue them in Hungary in 1998 – 2000.

    His vein surgical activities cover all the areas of his profession; he has performed more than 11 000 operations.

    Since 1980 he has organised 28 international symposiums. He built connections in Germany, Austria and America and organised four European congresses.

    He was honorary and visiting professor of the Mayo Clinic, Uniformed Services University, and North Carolina, State of Washington Padova, Ferrara, Bari, Belgrade, Prague, Zagreb, Milano and Paris Universities. In 2002 he gave the Leriche memorial lecture at the European Heart and Vein Surgery Society congress, which was held in Helsinki.

    In his career he has held 421 international presentation at forums, 164 exams and written 18 book chapters, of which one is in German, one in French and six of them are in English.

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Suspension of outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases

Dear Visitor,

Amidst the current epidemiological situation and in line with the orders of the competent government bodies, the Buda Health Center (BEK Kft.) is suspending its outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases with immediate effect.      

We will continuously keep our contractual partners posted about how the logistics of the services evolve through the competent experts and those responsible for organising our healthcare provision.      

As far as ongoing treatments are concerned, our dispatchers will continuously keep patients posted following the guidance of their respective doctors. Should you have any questions, we recommend contacting your doctor via email through the institute’s email address.      

This measure will change based on central orders upon the alleviation of the epidemic.      


Péter Pál Varga, M.D.
General Director