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Trauma Surgery

Trauma Surgery

Bone fractures resulting from external mechanical impacts, joint sprains, pulled muscles, bruised soft tissues, diagnosis and treatment of muscle, ligament and nerve injuries, pain alleviation, treating developed pathological conditions and restoring function to an injured body part.   

What cases does the Trauma Department of the Buda Health Center treat?

New injuries and traumas due to accidents are all taken care of according to the nationally organized on-call system, in designated emergency care units with diagnostic, laboratory and all necessary care standing by in 24-hour alert.

The diagnosis and treatment of milder, closed limb injuries, minor fractures, pulled muscles, strains and sprains as well as surgical or conservative treatments are taken care of in our Traumatological Department.  Therapies following acute care, checkups, monitoring the healing process of fractured bones with x-rays, changing plaster casts, fitting lightweight casts and the possible removal of stabilizing metal all happen here as well.  The latest state-of-the-art diagnostic, x-ray and ultrasound equipments and instruments are available to accomplish the aforementioned treatments.  At times, patients have come to us with complications following an injury, improperly healed fractures or residual pathologies.  We can also treat these cases in-hospital, when necessary.   

Physiotherapists and masseurs also get involved in the complete post trauma rehabilitation process, when needed.

Do you also treat sports injuries?

Yes, especially since, ours is a complex sports rehabilitation program designed to expedite healing.  The program, originally developed for athletes, aims to shorten the time from whence the injury occurred to complete weight bearing.  The rehabilitation treatment includes personalized manual therapy, physiotherapy, massage, electrotherapy, ultrasound, laser, spine liner treatment and consultation and teaching of active preventive programs to help avoid future injuries.