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Trichogram / Hair Analysis

What is a Trichogram?

Trichogram is the microscopic examination of hair roots that might be helpful in diagnosing the cause of hair loss.

What does the examination entail?

Hair samples are taken from two regions of the scalp - about 40-50 hairs from each - with the help of forceps.   The results should be back in about 2 weeks.

How many days before the examination can I wash my hair for the last time?

You may wash your hair 4-5 days before the examination, for the last time.  You may not even use dry shampoo during this period.

On the day of your examination, you may comb your hair only in the morning and may not use any gels or hair spray on your hair.

How about hair dyes?

ow abouHoYou must not have your hair dyed or have a permanent the month before your examination.

Examination of Moles

How often should I have my moles checked?

It is recommended that you have them checked yearly.  In some cases (i.e., the moles are numerous, irregular in shape, melanoma appears in the family medical history or you have a susceptible skin type) the doctor may recommend that you have examinations more often.

What should I watch for when checking the moles?

Their color (whether they darken or lighten), size, edges, shape (i.e., symmetrical, a regular mole turns assymmetrical). 

If a mole consistently itches or gets injured, a dermatologist should definitely be consulted.

Is it always necessary to obtain a dermatologist’s recommendation prior to mole removal or surgical examination?

Yes, a dermatologist’s opinion is always necessary prior to the surgical removal of moles, since, the dermatologist can precisely examine moles and skin abnormalities with a hand held microscope (dermatoscope) and then make recommendations and mark the ones that should be removed.