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Occupational Health

Can an occupational health doctor provide me with a referral?                                                                  The occupational health provider is legally not permitted to give referrals for either laboratory tests or medical examinations except for an ophthalmological examination and then only if it is work related.

Can the occupational health care provider put me on sick leave?                                                               No.  Only your GP or Family Practice doctor can put you on sick leave.

What documents should I bring to my occupational health examination?                                                  Your HR referral slip, previous medical reports, final reports from the last few months.  Any other reports and test results that concern your health.

Should I bring my eyeglasses and/or contact lenses to my occupational health examination?
Yes, you will need those in order to establish your current eyesight.

Will I have to undress for the examination?

In order to properly perform the general examination, your doctor will ask you to undress down to your underwear. 

Will I have to undergo an examination after sick pay?

Yes, following a workplace accident or sick leave of more than 30 days.