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Laboratory Tests

Why does it sometimes take several days to get laboratory test results?

The procedures used for evaluating tests and the types of tests performed determine the time required for an evaluation.  Please inquire in the laboratory at the time of your test when you might expect the results.


Do I need to come on an empty stomach for a laboratory test?

Yes.  Please do not eat breakfast.


May I drink water?

If you do not have other examinations that day, you may drink as must plain water as you wish.


Will much blood be drawn in one sitting?

The amount will depend on the test, but, it should not be more than a few milliliters.


If I gave blood the previous day, will that be a problem?

No, that should not affect the results.  Blood may even be drawn again from the same arm.


When will I be able to eat?

You may eat after the blood has been drawn as long as you do not have other examinations scheduled that require an empty stomach.


Do I also need to collect the urine sample on an empty stomach?

No, you may eat.  The urine is not affected by an empty stomach after your blood was drawn. Medically, the best urine sample is the midstream collected first thing in the morning.


How much and how old a urine sample do I need to leave?ow much and H

About one-third cup of urine collected in the morning should be sufficient.  If the sample was requested by an urologist, the urine collected in the evening will also be acceptable.  In this instance, however, it must be refrigerated.


What should I bring the urine/stool sample in?

Urine should be collected in a clean glass container.  If a urine culture test is to be done, then the container must be sterile.  Containers are available at both of our Reception Desks or in drugstores.


Is a boiled bottle adequate for a urine culture test?

A boiled bottle will not be acceptable since boiling will not sterilize the bottles.  Only sterilization sterilizes.  We supply the sterile urine containers.


Does the stool sample need to be fresh, or, can it be stored in the refrigerator overnight?

Yes, it may be stored in the refrigerator overnight.  If a test requires fresh samples and cannot be refrigerated, we will advise you.