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Is the gynecological examination painful?

It may be uncomfortable, but, not painful.

When is it advisable to start having regular PAP tests?  
At the start of your sex life, independent of age, lifelong.

How often should I have a gynecological screening examination?
Yearly, unless otherwise recommended by your cytologist.

Is the insertion of an IUD painful?

You may feel some pain when the tenaculum is inserted to help stabilize the cervix and keep it steady, then when the IUD is inserted and perhaps cramping when the cervix is opened.

Is it painful when the IUD is removed?

The pain may be minimal.  Usually it is not painful at all.

When can a PAP test not be done?

During menstruation and within 3 months from the last PAP test.

How often can a PAP test be done?

At the most every 3 months.

Are the instruments used during the examination sterile?

Sterile disposable instruments are used.

What is a transvaginal ultrasound?

It is an ultrasound performed through the vagina.

Is the transvaginal ultrasound painful?

It may be uncomfortable, but, not painful.

Should my bladder be full for a vaginal ultrasound?


Should my bladder be full for an ultrasound of the abdomen?