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Ophthalmology questions

How are prescription glasses determined?

Your eyes are first examined by a computer then verified subjectively by having you look through several trial lenses placed in a frame.

What is a fundus examination?

This constitutes the detailed examination of the retina with a hand-held ophthalmoscope or with a special lens placed in front of your eyes.

What is intraocular pressure and how is it measured?

The intraocular pressure of the healthy eye  is, on average, 14-20 Hgmm higher than that of the atmosphere.  In order to obtain the exact value, you will be given anesthetic eye drops, then examined with a special dye and a blue light.  If the results are above average, then further examinations will be in order to rule out the possibility of cataracts.

What is a cataract and can it be prevented?

A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye and is closely associated with ageing.  According to current knowledge, it cannot be prevented.  There are some factors, though, that play a part in its development.  Keeping away from excessive UV radiation, ensuring proper treatment of diabetes and abstaining from smoking are some things that could make a difference.

Is pupil dilatation painful?

Some eye disorder examinations require dilated pupils.  The dilatory drops are not painful; however, the pupils will remain dilated for several hours during which time your eyesight will not be clear.  Since dilated pupils cannot protect your eyes from bright light, you will need to wear dark glasses until your eyes return to normal.

Why is a yearly eye examination recommended for diabetics?

As a result of diabetes, the capillaries supplying the retina become damaged without causing complaints for some time.  The yearly examination of the retina (with the pupils dilated) can identify early any abnormalities not yet causing problems making timely treatment possible.

What is yellow spot degeneration?

This is a disorder of the macula, the structure responsible for sharp, central vision located in the center of the retina.

Who is prone to yellow spot (macula) degeneration?  Is it preventable?

Factors (age, genetics, skin color, etc.) that do play a part in its development cannot be influenced.  The damaging effects of smoking and UV radiation have been proven, thus, abstaining from smoking and wearing eyeglasses screening out UV radiation, are strongly recommended.  In addition, the benefits of certain dietary supplements (antioxydants, zinc, copper, etc.) have been shown.  You should, however, consult an ophthalmologist before taking any of these supplements.        

What may be the cause of “red eyes” and when should an eye doctor be consulted?

The cause of bloodshot eyes, red eyes or pink eyes, may be simple (draft, dust particle, etc.) in which case, if the symptoms disappear spontaneously, an eye examination is not necessary.  If the “red eye” persists and is accompanied by other complaints (deteriorating eyesight, pain, feeling of a foreign body, etc.)  a more serious cause may be behind it (inflammation of the iris or cornea, etc.), in which case, you should see an eye doctor as soon as possible.