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Dietetic Counseling

What is dietetics?

The word „diet” is of Greek origin meaning a regimented alimentation, a regulated way of life and healthy nutrition.  Dietetics is, actually, the nutritional science Hippocrates was concerned with at first.

Dietetic counseling, on the one hand, helps the healthy individuals to preserve their health and, on the other, provides the necessary personalized counseling on nutrition and life style to those suffering from a disease or pathological condition.


How can a dietitian help?

A dietitian can help:

  • in changing our life style and preserving our good health, to avoid diseases and in, what is so often talked about nowadays, prevention
  • in the case of a disorder where diet is key to recovery as well as in cases of metabolic disorders (diabetes)
  • in loosing or gaining weight
  • in allergy (gluten, lactose and egg intolerance) disorders and digestive tract (gastrointestinal) disorders
  • in setting up the special diet for athletes
  • in cases where the laboratory tests show abnormal values taking into special account the cardiovascular risk factors and the characteristics of metabolic syndrome.

Examination methods

For proper counseling, the dietitian has to see a patient’s laboratory test results including complete blood count with serum lipid levels, urinalysis, lactose intolerance as well as bone density and body composition.

What happens during counseling?

Counseling will include:

  • The patient’s nutritional history  
  • Nutritional condition assessment (BMI, body fat with the OMRON BF 300)
  • Dietary counseling
  • Discussion regarding diet
  • Discussion regarding keeping a nutrition diary
  • Evaluation of the patient’s experiences

In the case of corporations, the counseling would take place on site or, for example, at the location where a healthy work environment is planned.  The dietitian is prepared to assist in planning the buffet selections.

We also offer informative presentations on this topic.

Presentation length:  90 min.

Attendees:  min. 15 persons