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Physiotherapy at work


Eighty percent of the population has spine complaints and symptoms as the result of intervertebral disc degeneration.   Intervertebral disc degeneration is an age-related process that cannot be avoided, but, it can be slowed down and delayed. 

The cause of its progression, deterioration and development is due to static (i.e., lengthy sitting or standing), and/or dynamic overloading.


1.   Prevention:

  • Prevent overloading of the spine (intervertebral discs),
  • Evaluate its possibilities in a given job,
  • Provide information regarding ergonomics,
  • Correction.

2.    Rehabilitation:

  • To decrease or stop the evolved symptoms,
  • To eliminate intervertebral disc overloading caused by bad posture.


  • Posture correction,
  • Strengthening of the stabilizing muscles in the corrected position in the functional and painless zone.

Implementation Off Site

  • 1.   In the event a ”gym” can be developed for occasional use:

small group exercises in the recumbent (unencumbered) position, sitting or standing.

  • 2.   If the above is not possible:

      Procure one or two simple equipments for

  • ergonomic exercises,
    • strengthening of dorsal muscles in the sitting and standing positions