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Risk Assessment

Complete Assessment of Work and Chemical Risk Factors

As part of the safety regulations required and overseen by the OMMF (Országos Munkavédelmi és Munkaügyi Főfelügyelőség - the Hungarian Labour Inspectorate), we will assess each employee's work risk factor. This will, at the same time, provide us with information to enable us to identify possible risk areas and help us take the necessary steps in preventing accidental injuries and sickness.

The chemical safety reports evaluating risk factors concerning dangerous materials are required regularly by the ÁNTSZ (National Public Health and Medical Officer Service). These reports are prepared by our Occupational Health Physician. Complete assessments are required yearly.

We will examine the provisions regulating worker safety and employee health by evaluating the following:

  • Planning, operation, maintenance, control
  • Training
  • Work suitability physical examination standards
  • Reporting and registering procedures for work-related accidental injury, sickness and over-exposure
  • Personal safety equipment regulations
  • Machinery and equipment maintenance regulations
  • Work and personal hygiene conditions
  • Documentation
  • Work risking injury to the back and lower back, ergonomic disease factors
  • Dangerous materials
  • Computer workstations
  • Biological disease factors
  • Psycho-social disease factors

Work and workflow evaluation
The dangerous working conditions and the employees affected will be identified, risk levels established and all work categorized accordingly. This will enable us to examine the probability and seriousness of accidental injury or sickness and determine whether the risk falls within the acceptable parameters set down by the employment safety commission and the requirements of occupational health.

Risk Management
We will work together with a corporation to establish a risk management strategy and determine steps necessary for decreasing and preventing risks.

Documentation Methods
A program for continual risk monitoring and management as well as documention will be developed.

The leadership's as well as the employee's role in properly communicating the dangers of risk (i.e., education, training, orientation) will be evaluated and determined.

The Evaluation of Psycho-social Risk Factors

The January 1, 2008 Amendment toSection XCIII of the Employment Act of 1993 determined that employers' risk management should fall under employment safety regulations and defined psycho-social risk factors as a factor brought about by conflicts, logistics, schedules, uncertainty, etc. surrounding work resulting in the response reactions of stress, accidental injuries and psychosomatic illnesses.

Regulations also require that we administer a psychological stress test to each employee in order to evaluate their psycho-social risk factors.