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Infusion Treatments

Infusion treatments

What is an infusion treatment?

Infusion therapy is effective medication administered intravenously either as a one-time treatment or in a series as a therapy treatment. Prior to treatment, you will be advised regarding the possible risks involved and the dangers in not having the treatment done.

If done on an outpatient basis, you will have to stay inhospital only for the duration of the infusion - usually 45-75 minutes. The treatments may also be administered during a hospital stay as part of the overall treatment.


  • The treatments take place at the National Center for Spinal Disorders (1126 Budapest, Királyhágó u. 1-3), by appointment.
  • Appointments may be obtained either by calling +36-1-489-5200 or personally at the spine center's outpatient clinic at the above address. Please have with you your treating physician's infusion order with information regarding the type of infusion prescribed.
  • We request that the total cost of treatment be paid in advance at the spine center (Királyhágó utca 1-3, Building B, Ground Floor). Cash, bank cards, health cards, Ticket Wellness checks, vacation checks accepted. For a complete list, please call +36-1-489-5200.
  • The infusion treatment will be on the 2nd Floor (III. Emelet) of Building A, in the room marked "Infuzórium". Important! Please again bring with you your physician's order form.

Helpful Advice

  • No preparation is required prior to treatment. You may take all your regular medications, eat and drink as usual!  The treatment takes about 45-75 min.
  • Do not drive following treatment. Do not take part in any dangerous work since the medications you were given may have affected your capabilities.

If you cannot keep your appointment or have any  questions, please call us at +36-1-489-5200 or write to us at