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Laboratory tests

We would like to inform you that laboratory tests and histological examinations are performed with the help of external partners, so the results may appear in the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) earlier than they would be received by the Buda Health Center.

In each case, our institute sends the test results to the patients through our own channel, but only then, as they are received from the testing partner institution. Please consult about the result with the physician who performed or recommended the sampling.

Thank you for your understanding!


The laboratory tests examine the components of body fluids to establish the presence and amount of various biochemical substances.

A blood sample is sent to a specialized laboratory where, with the help of various techniques and instruments, the technician examines, measures and determines its components. In addition to a blood sample, often a urine sample is also necessary since not all that needs to be known regarding a disease can always be obtained from a blood sample. The results are forwarded either to the patient or to the requesting physician.

The following laboratory tests are available at the Buda Health Center:

  • Clinical chemistry: blood sugar screening • Tumor marker: PSA tumor marker (prostate cancer screening)
  • Allergy tests
  • Hormones: Quick Pregnancy Test
  • Serological-microbiological tests:
  • Quick influenza test
  • HIV test
  • Malaria blood test
  • anti HbS (Hepatitis) test
  • Bacteria culture
  • Immunology test
  • Hematological-hemostasiological-transfusiological tests:
  • CBC
  • Blood type determination (ABO and RhD) + antibody screening
  • Urinalysis: complete urinalysis
  • Stool sample test: Stool blood test
  • Other tests:
  • Wheat allergy screening
  • PAP test