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Allergy blood test

Allergy blood test

As of May, 2008, allergy screening through a blood test is available at the Buda Health Center. An internationally accepted and very simple testing method, the test is recommended for allergies that are not skin related. In cases of positive test results, therapy treatments may be recommended and medications prescribed. If the results are negative and the allergy symptoms persist, further examinations may be necessary.

What method is used?

The immune block method is used to determine the presence of IgE antibodies to specific antigens indicating respiratory and food allergies. High levels of these antibodies in the blood indicate an allergic reaction.

When should this test be done?

The blood test is recommended for determining respiratory allergies when the Prick Test (in which the allergen to be examined is applied to the patient's skin) cannot be done due to the Patient refusing the pricking or not being able to temporarily do without the anti-allergy medications. In the event the IgE antibody test results are negative and allergy symptoms are present, the Prick Test is recommended.

What allergies may be tested with the blood test method?

The "Inhalative Panel" is recommended for respiratory allergies such as hay fever, choking. Food allergies may first cause skin reactions or oedema (angiooedema) in which case the "Nutritive Panel" is recommended.

The "Special Panel" is of special importance since it tests for bee and wasp sting allergies for which the Prick test is too dangerous and can only be done under hospital supervision. It must be noted that a negative result does not rule out wasp sting allergy. If there is any lingering doubt, hospitalization is necessary. The testing for latex allergy, though occurring seldom, is also significant since it may be serious. The "Cross-Reaction Panel" tests for pollen as well as vegetable and fruit allergies. It is recommended for the patient who is allergic to pollen and for whom a fruit causes complaints (usually numbness, burning of the tongue).

When may we call for appointment for the Allergy Blood Test?

The tests are done on Thursdays at the Buda Health Center with the results available by the following Monday afternoon.

What should we know before the appointment?

Patients under the age of 16 years will be seen by a pediatric allergologist and pediatric pulmonologist. Anyone having skin rashes or notices changes in the skin should first consult with a dermatologist.

Who at the Buda Health Center should one turn to if the Allergy Blood Test results are positive?

Ákos Lantos, M.D. is the pulmonologist and allergologist specializing in allergies and asthma. He will set up the necessary therapy and, in the event of negative results, will do the Prick Test. The attached table details the four various testing panels listed above.