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Swedish Massage

Our massage rooms, elegantly furnished in the style reminiscent of the Far East and India, will encourage you to relax and experience the healing power of touch, silky oils and fragrances.  Our well-trained and experienced masseurs will do their utmost to make the time spent with us worthwhile and to have you return to your every days completely refreshed in body and soul.


What is Swedish massage?

Swedish massage is a technique based on Western traditions.  Developed by Per Henrik Ling of Sweden in the beginning of the 19th Century, it is one of the best-known massage methods.  The classic Swedish massage involves the entire body, working all the muscles, tendons and joints to bring about proper movement function and loosen painfully tight and cramped muscles.

Why is Swedish massage effective?

The massage stimuli affect our body directly, through mechanical means, and indirectly, through our nervous system.  This process allows the functional workings of our internal organs as well as the condition of our skin and connective and muscle tissues to be influenceable.  Due to its effectiveness, the therapy also plays an important part in prevention, healing and rehabilitation.  

What results can we expect from Swedish massage?

The most prevalent techniques used are the kneading, rubbing, smoothing and vibrating strokes.  The masseur first uses soothing, tapping and kneading strokes to work the entire body, relieving muscle tension and loosening sore joints while, at the same time, spreading the oils.  The deep smoothing is always towards the heart, helping blood circulation and the flow of body fluids.  The smoothing is followed by kneading strokes on the legs, arms and buttocks.

Kneading loosens the musculature, separates the stiff muscle fibers, increases the blood supply of the muscles and stimulates blood circulation.  The vibrating strokes loosen and stimulate while the various tapping techniques, which may be strong or mild, slow or fast are used for muscle toning.  Rubbing is done with two fingers on special points of the body to melt deposits and loosen knotted muscles. 

Swedish massage may be combined with aromatherapy oils.  With the use of proper massage creams, it is suitable for reducing cellulite symptoms and helping weight loss.

What you should know about Swedish massage

The massage is given on a massage table.  Since the bare skin is needed for the therapy, you should wear either a bathing suit or underwear or no clothes - a cloth will be draped over you with only the area that is worked on exposed.  Following a more intensive massage, you may experience side effects (i.e., reddish skin, muscle pain, discolored urine) which are signs of the body’s self-healing powers.  You should eat only after an entire hour has past, since the therapy.  

Drink a glass of water after the massage!

Massage packages

A massage package contains one type of massage.  The package is for the named person only and is not transferrable.  The therapy takes place at our Királyhágó utca 1-3, Budapest, address.  Health Fund card accepted.   

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