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The purpose of endoscopy is for the examination of the gastrointestinal system (oesophagus, stomach, duodenum and colon) and for taking biopsies. The procedure is performed by one of our gastroenterologists at our hospital (1126 Budapest, Királyhágó u. 1-3) by appointment.  Special preparation is required prior to the procedure that must be followed precisely or the examination cannot be performed. You will need to stay at the hospital 4-6 hours (some cases require longer stays) following the procedure.


It is important that you follow the instructions carefully since the procedure cannot be performed otherwise.

  • Gastroscopy: 6-8 hours prior to the procedure - do not eat or drink.
  • Colonoscopy: 3 days prior to the procedure - do not eat any foods with small seeds (i.e., kiwi, tomatoes, grapes, etc.) or foods containing fibers (i.e., vegetables, fruits, meats). On the day prior to your examination - keep a liquid diet.
  • Drink the prescribed prep liquid (i.e., PICOPREP) as per the instructions included.
  • You may take your regular medications with a small amount of water on the morning of either endoscopic examination.
  • In case of anaesthesia - 4 hours prior to the procedure - nothing may be ingested, not even water! Laboratory tests (CBC, ions) and an ECG must be done ahead of time.

Following the Procedure

  • If you were given a tranquilizer, you may not drive the day of the examination.
  • If you were given a local pharyngeal anesthesia, you may not eat for one hour following the procedure.
  • Otherwise, you may eat and drink in moderation following the procedure.
  • If you were given anesthesia, you should not walk alone on the street. Please have someone accompany you or have a taxi take you home. Due to the lingering effects of the anesthesia, you should not enter busy traffic, work on machinery, drink alcohol or make important decisions for at least 24 hours.
  • You may experience unusual symptoms immediately after the procedure which may be due to oversensitivity to the anesthesia or tranquilizers or the result of liquid loss during the preparation phase. Hospital observation may be necessary for your safety, but these, usually, disappear within a few hours.
  • Home care may be advised should these symptoms take longer to cease.
  • Should you require pain medication at home, you may take your usual analgesics unless the anesthesiologist prescribed otherwise.
  • In the event of bleeding, please call +36-1-887-7900 and let the dispatcher know the type of procedure you underwent, the name of the doctor who performed the procedure and your exact symptoms. Please provide your name and the telephone number where you may be reached. The dispatcher will notify your doctor.
  • If a biopsy was done during the course of the procedure, your physician will, if needed, consider the further steps to be taken once the results are obtained.

Appointments, Payment

Appointments may be made personally at our Reception Desk or by calling one of the numbers noted below. Payment may be made at the time and place of registration for your appointment. Cash, credit cards, Health Fund cards are accepted as well as Ticket Wellness and vacation vouchers. The cost of biopsy is payable following the procedure.

Suspension of outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases

Dear Visitor,

Amidst the current epidemiological situation and in line with the orders of the competent government bodies, the Buda Health Center (BEK Kft.) is suspending its outpatient and inpatient care in non-acute cases with immediate effect.      

We will continuously keep our contractual partners posted about how the logistics of the services evolve through the competent experts and those responsible for organising our healthcare provision.      

As far as ongoing treatments are concerned, our dispatchers will continuously keep patients posted following the guidance of their respective doctors. Should you have any questions, we recommend contacting your doctor via email through the institute’s email address.      

This measure will change based on central orders upon the alleviation of the epidemic.      


Péter Pál Varga, M.D.
General Director