The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.


Occupational Health

Why choose the Buda Health Center?

Assisting Human Resources:

Health and Safety Regulation XCIII of 1993 states that an employer must provide occupational health care to all its employees.   As a provider of occupational health care, the Buda Health Center offers work suitability examinations that include the following:

foglalkozás-egészségügyi ellátás

  • a walk-through survey of the premises to find and bring to the employer’s attention areas not meeting current regulations (thereby avoiding possible financial consequences);
  • report statistics following suitability examinations;
  • report statistics regarding possible suitability examinations of the following 2 months;
  • recommendations for choosing personal safety equipment and developing an ergonomic environment;
  • take part in first aid courses;
  • recommendations for first aid courses;
  • required suitability examinations for professional driver’s licenses and fork-lift drivers;
  • determining the vaccines required and the administration thereof;
  • organization of immunization campaigns (influenza, HPV, tick-encephalitis), as needed;
  • cooperate in the rehabilitation of the disabled ;
  • assist in the preparation of documentation, statistics and reports of examinations;
  • organize off-site workplace health promotion programs, health days, campaign screenings, lectures and trainings.

We can also provide an onsite medical doctor for larger company gatherings.

Our work is supported by an integrated IT system and everything from patient data to patient reports and from the contractual rights to billing is stored on the computers.

A special patient relations group is in charge of the day to day office management (i.e., organization, administration, mailing of test results, managing patient requests, etc.) ensuring that all proceeds smoothly.

Occupational health care examinations and management screenings may be requested to be in one location and a single appointment.

What does an occupational health examination offer?

In addition to the suitability report…


Following the examinations performed as part of the suitability examination ( by the company doctor or occupational health examination doctor), the employees will receive a summary medical report with recommendations and suggestions for health preservation

A sample from a report:

“No cause was found to curtail the Patient in his work.  During physical examination, we found moderate lower extremity varicosities and several moles.  We advise that the Patient stay out of the sun and not use solariums.   If any changes are noted in the moles, please see a dermatologist immediately, otherwise a yearly checkup is recommended.  The varicose veins do not cause complaints at present.  To prevent deterioration, exercise is recommended (while lying flat on the back, raise both legs and rotate the ankles for 5-10 minutes).

Laboratory tests showed elevated uric acid.  The Mediterranean diet, low in purines (limited meats, organ meats, sardines, legumes and alcohol and avoid aspirin derivative medications) is recommended.  Laboratory tests repeated in 2 months.”

Trust is very important in the doctor-patient relationship and, possibly, a determining factor in the success or failure of the healing process.  We feel that this trust has been earned by our medical staff through their credibility and expertise and professional know-how which is a prerequisite of all our doctors.  The high level of service is further guaranteed by our medical directors who are leading specialists in their respective fields of practice.