The Buda Health Center is one of the leading private institutions of Budapest offering its patients personalized comprehensive health care.



Why choose the Buda Health Center for your psychological treatment?

The patient-doctor relationship is based on trust - the determining factor in a treatment's success or failure. We feel that our doctors have earned this trust through their professionalism, knowledge, experience and know-how. The high standard of care is further guaranteed by our highly respected psychologists who are also leaders in their field. 


Generally, psychological and emotional factors come into play when no organic cause is found for the symptoms or when the magnitude of the disorder is not in proportion with the symptoms.  Various pain syndromes such as migraines and functional disorders would come into question here.

We find that many patients react with excessive anxiety and the feeling of loss at their temporary or permanent deteriorating health.  In these cases, the psychologist is of great help in aiding the patient in finding his or her strength resources thereby also increasing the effectiveness of the physician’s work.

In addition to the above, I have found the following concrete problems most often:   sleep disorder, decreased concentration, wavering self-assessment, phobias and panic disorders, difficulty in handling stress, anorexia nervosa, obesity, processing loss and crisis intervention.  

In the case of children:  behavior disorders, problems of upbringing, learning disabilities, separation anxiety disorder, functional disorders and psychosomatic symptoms.

We now offer pediatric psychology where psychological advice will be offered, screenings and mother/parent long term care will be available.

In cases of family and partner relationship problems, we will help in the dissolution of blocks and in the emotional processing of divorce crises.

Various problems such as these can be treated only with diversified methods.  My methods include symbol and focus therapy, relaxation, imagination, meditation and hypnosis.

This is only a short outline of the broad spectrum of psychotherapy.  For more information, please contact me. 

Judit Katona


Psychology terms and definitions

  • Visualization: is a relaxation therapy wherein the therapist helps the patients in their personal development, self actualization and inner conflict resolution through imagery.  Visualization might also be referred to as guided meditation.
  • Focus therapy:  is a problem-oriented therapy wherein the therapist helps the patients focus on and put into words the very subtle and vague internal body awareness in order to find the constructive solution to their problems.
  • Meditation:  is a conflict resolution therapy that helps resolve life situations (i.e., child visitation rights) via mutual compromises.