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CT of the Spine


This method is used whenever we need to determine the condition of bony elements of the spine (i.e., vertebrae, intervertebral joints).  The bone marrow is examined with an MRI.  We often also use the CT when planning surgery as well as checkups following surgery. 

In the case of scoliosis, this technique is necessary for possible reconstruction purposes.  In special cases, the CT is supplemented with contrast material administered into the spinal canal.  This procedure is then performed under surgical conditions and called CT myelography.


No preparations are usually required.  Intravenous contrast material is used only when specially indicated.

The Procedure

A series of images are prepared with the patient in the supine position.  Thin image slices are prepared of soft tissues and of bones separately with the help of a special software.  Of these multilayered 2D reconstruction is prepared.  

In special cases, 3D reconstruction is prepared.  Our multislice CT equipment requires only a short time for this procedure, thus, it is no encumbering to the patient.


There are no real contraindications since contrast material is required only in special cases.  Then allergy to the contrast would preclude its use.