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MRI of the Joints and Bones


The MRI is excellent for examining joints, bones and especially the surrounding soft tissues (i.e., tendons, ligaments, cartilage, synovia, fluids, intervertebral discs, meniscus), such areas of the body not examinable with the ultrasound and elements of bones containing no calcium (bone marrow, inflammation, tumors).    


No preparation is usually required.  Contrast material is used only when specially indicated.


You will be asked to lie on your back in the machine.  Images of the joints will be prepared usually in three planes, in various sequences, according to protocols set for each disorder.   The scanning takes 35-45 minutes, is not encumbering, but you will have to lie completely still throughout the process.  The results will not be of a quality to be evaluated, should you move.  Contrast material may be given intravenously in some instances.  You will also be required to fill and sign a consent form.     


  • Claustrophobia (ours is an open MRI making examination easier for the claustrophobic patient). 
  • Body size. 
  • Metal implant (except tooth replacement) - prevents imaging or endangers the patient.
  • Pacemaker.

In case of allergy to the contrast material, the examinations may be performed without contrast.  

You will be given a written evaluation of the results and a CD containing the images.