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Pediatric Diagnostic Radiology

Advance Preparations

For an easier time and ease, we suggest that infants and small children up to three years of age be fed before an ultrasound or x-ray examination.  Children over the age of three who are scheduled for abdominal ultrasound examination must drink more liquids and retain their urine in order to have the full bladder required.  This is possible for 1 to 2 hours by keeping the children entertained.  From school age on, the requirement is a full bladder as well as an empty stomach.

Please inquire before the examinations for possible special requirements for each individual case.  

The Procedure

Infants or toddlers need to be restrained during an x-ray examination, thus, only persons who need not be kept away from x-rays (i.e., pregnant women), may assist.  We take but few x-rays and then, only when there is no substitution.  The x-rays are taken by a technologist according to set parameters and conforming to strict radiation protection regulations concerning children.

In the case of infants, chest x-rays are taken with the help of a suspended bag attached to a special frame and in the case of toddlers, a special platform.  In the case of trauma, a two-directional x-ray is taken of the area in question (the skull and bones).  These are taken with the child lying down and restrained by the accompanying person.  Ultrasound examinations are performed strictly with the gel warmed subsequently removed with a paper towel or damp cloth.  Ultrasound examinations are performed by a doctor with the help of an assistant and a parent.    

The child needs to lie on its back for examinations of the skull, on its back and side for examinations of the abdomen and since, examinations of the hip require the child to be very stable while lying on its side, restraining might be necessary. 

All other examinations are a variation of the above.  We use ultrasound 95% of the time since it has no negative effects.

X-ray and ultrasound examinations are painless.  We do only what is necessary.  We try to give the child as much freedom of movement as possible and increase its feeling of comfort.  Nervousness and crying is usually a sign of the unfamiliar surroundings which we try to decrease with play.  Our mother/child room serves this purpose.


There are no contraindications.  

Written documentation is provided as well as the images.