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Pregnancy 2D Examination



The purpose of the ultrasound examination is to discover fetal disorders at the earliest stage of pregnancy possible.  The Hungarian Society of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology protocols for normal pregnancies require four ultrasound examinations as follows:

  • First examination at 12-13 weeks via the vagina.  This examination is to confirm the pregnancy and the exact stage, to determine the number of fetuses and to identify suspected signs of developmental or chromosomal disorders. 
  • Second examination at 18 weeks through the abdominal wall.  This examination is to examine the fetal skull, chest, heart, abdominal organs, spinal column and the extremities as well as the placenta and the amount of amniotic fluid
  • The third examination occurs at 28 weeks.  Here we follow the development of the fetus and look for possible later-stage developing disorders.  
  • The last examination is performed at 38 weeks.  Here the goal is to determine risk factors and to plan the birth - the positioning of the fetus, its expected weight is discussed and the placenta and the amniotic fluid examined.
Advance Preparation

The bladder should be emptied for the vaginal ultrasound examination.  The abdominal ultrasound requires no advance preparation.

The Procedure

The vaginal ultrasound examination is performed with the patient lying on her back and legs pulled up.  The examining head is fitted with a disposable cover (usually a rubber condom) and then carefully inserted into the vagina where, by gently moving it around, we check the organs of the lesser pelvis.  The abdominal ultrasound is also performed with the patient lying on her back.  A gel is placed on the skin to facilitate the spread of the ultrasound waves.


There are no contraindications.  According to the latest research, repeat ultrasound examinations are not damaging to the developing fetus.