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Surgery is a method of treatment that uses invasive techniques (at times destroying, mutilating) in order to help the body recover and heal.  Twelve-hour orthopedic care is available at the National Center for Spinal Disorders offering essential assistance to differential diagnostics.

We do not, however, offer acute abdominal care.  Patients coming to us with such complaints are directed to the proper hospital, following thorough diagnostic examination. More details…

Our surgeons are highly trained, excellent specialists with many years of experience behind them who also keep abreast with current innovations, learn the newest techniques and, some are even leading specialists in several of these.  The surgeons enjoy hospital backing.  Same-day surgery is available, where applicable.  Patients for whom we cannot offer other than diagnostic assistance, are also looked after.   In some cases, we recommend regular surgical interventions to attain complaint free status. 

  • chronic abdominal complaints,
  • vascular disorders (arteriography, Doppler ultrasound, 3D ultrasound, other supplemental tests),
  • skin abnormalities,
  • proctology, treatment of ischiorectal region, excision, freezing, rubber ring ligation,
  • treatment of fresh wounds, or hospitalization in case of greater injury,
  • non-laser surgery of ingrown toenail,
  • excision of lipomas and atheromas with histology,
  • surgery of smaller abscesses,   
  • proctoscopy (cancer screening as well!),
  • outpatient treatment of lower extremity veins,
  • consultation with plastic surgeon.

Examination methods

Necessary in surgical diagnosis:

  • regular and contrast x-rays
  • abdomen ultrasound, vascular ultrasound  
  • CT and MRI scans (short waiting period for appointments)
  • virtual colonoscopy with CT scan (following proper preparation)

György Ardai, MD
surgery, trauma specialist