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Pediatric Radiology

Our health is our most important possession

Our physical as well as our psychological well-being depends upon it. When we have good health, all things are possible and we can provide our families and ourselves all the necessary psychological and material security and the independence we all need.


The most important step in maintaining good health is prevention. Preventing a disease from ever taking hold, or, eliminating it right at the onset, should be our goal. To this end, we strongly recommend screening examinations for the whole family. The children's examinations have to be requested by a parent and will include a written report. They will be painless and will contain no harmful material.

A list of a few examinations found in the children's screening program is provided below.

  • Ultrasound examinations are performed by our pediatric radiologist geared to the children's specific needs and stage of growth, to examine the organs of the abdomen, the soft tissues and the skull.
  • Ultrasound examination of the skull checks for possible water formation on the brain. This must be performed in the early stages of life while the fontanelles (soft spot) are still open to allow the ultrasound to pass through.
  • Screening examinations for hip displacement or weakness should also be done as soon as possible since the early detection of a problem and its fast and proper treatment is critical in determining a child's quality of life.
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdomen can be very important in every stage of a child's life since it shows the location, shape and structure of the inner organs enabling early detection of anomalies, variations and abnormalities prior to the onset of possible major problems. As an example, dilatation of the kidney cavity can already be seen in the womb which may disappear after birth or continue to expand. If following examinations show changes when compared to the early results, treatment may be begun in time before the organ could suffer damage.

Unfortunately, malignant and nonmalignant tumors do develop in children. There are incipient growths that grow undetected, discovered only once they have changed into tumors with serious consequences. Ultrasound examinations at critical stages in a child's growth may preclude these problems from developing.

It is also possible now to examine by ultrasound certain endocrine glands such as the thyroid, for identifying possible anomalies as a consequence of lack of iodine and the salivary as well as the adrenal glands for ensuring further problem free developmental growth.

Ultrasound examination of the ovaries, breasts, testicles may be very important in view of sexual maturation and varying growth patterns and venereal diseases that can appear in childhood. Pediatricians, pediatric orthopedists as well as endocrinologists all stress the importance of screening examinations for prevention and for timely healing. Consultations may follow, if indicated.

Pediatricians, pediatric radiologists and radiologists are available to help you with your needs along with clinical, laboratory and ultrasound examinations as well as x-rays in case of illness.

Erzsébet Pintér, MD
Pediatrician and Pediatric Radiologist