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Breast Diagnostics

Briest diagnostic

Mammographic Breast Cancer Screening

Today’s basic method of breast diagnostics is the x-ray mammography giving us x-ray images of the female breast. Women with complaints and symptoms undergo clinical mammography whereas those women that are without complaints or symptoms undergo screening mammography.

Advantages of Mammography

  • High diagnostic accuracy (true positive rate is 90% in clinical practice and 80% in screening examinations). 
  • Breast cancer can be diagnosed, on average, 2 years before the appearance of clinical symptoms.
  • Scientific evidence shows that regularly repeated mammography screening decreases the risk of death from breast cancer by 50%.

For women over 35 years of age, ultrasound is supplementary to a mammogram, whereas, for those under 35 years of age, with the exception of a possible malignant tumor, ultrasound alone may be used as the initial breast examination. Ultrasound alone, however, is not suitable either for primary breast cancer diagnostics or screening. It may be used in and of itself in follow-ups only when the lesions are easily seen and identified by ultrasound, but, it is not a substitute for the periodic mammogram.

Cancer Screening Examination Breast Diagnostics

  • Under 40 years, the initial examination is the ultrasound. If medically justifiable, the radiologist may request a mammogram. 
  • Above 40 years, the intial examination is the mammogram. In cases where it is justifiable, we supplement it with ultrasound or x-rays. 
  • Above 40 years, the initial examination is always the mammogram. It cannot be substituted by an ultrasound.

Clinical Mammography

(Complex breast diagnostics) Private Care

  • Under 35 years, the initial examination is the ultrasound. If medically justifiable, the radiologist may request a mammogram
  • Above 35 years, the intial examination is the mammogram. In cases where it is justifiable, these are supplemented with ultrasound or x-rays. 
  • When medically indicated, we prepare supplemental x-rays and the breasts are examined by the radiologist through palpation.

Due to the above, breast ultrasounds may only be performed by an individual experienced in mammography (according to today’s regulations: the radiologist). The conventional methods of complex breast diagnostics, will in the majority of cases, clarify with great accuracy the patient’s preoperative condition. In certain cases, an MRI may also be required to supplement the diagnosis.

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Patient safety protocol

We consider the safety of our patients and our professionals to be of the utmost importance, therefore, in accordance with the current regulations in force, we implement several protective measures against COVID-19 in our Institute, which you can read about in detail HERE. A negative PCR test is required for oral and other body cavity examinations or interventions if the patient had a positive PCR test in the last 3 weeks prior to the test.

The high level of interest in coronavirus testing has proportionally increased the workload of our telephone customer service. In order to improve our service, we provide a dedicated telephone line for corona virus test appointments: +36 1 999-1727
At the above telephone number - on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. - our colleagues only book appointments for coronavirus testing.

To download the on-site pre-screening questionnaire, please click HERE!

In order to provide mandatory information to the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) in accordance with legal regulations, the basic condition for starting care for all Hungarian citizens is to provide the number of the social security identification card ("TAJ kártya") and to provide credible proof of your personal data. In the case of foreign nationals who do not have a TAJ, the number of the foreign travel document will be recorded.