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Colon cancer

What you need to know about colon cancer

Colon cancer, diagnosed in time, is nearly always curable! In addition, removal of its early, non-malignant form, the polyp, does generally not even require surgery. Yet, 9000 new colon cancer cases are diagnosed and 5000 people die of the disease every year in Hungary.

The fact that colon cancer is symptom free in its early stages contributes to the difficulty of its timely detection. This asymptomatic period may last several years, allowing plenty of time for its discovery. Do not wait for the symptoms to appear!

How may the asymptomatic colon cancer be discovered?

Colon cancer may be diagnosed through the following methods:

colonoscopy - unpleasant, but, precise with excellent results,
faecal occult blood test - painless, but not very accurate,
colorectal cancer screening with enzymes (ScheBo Tumor M2-PK stool test).

What happens during the ScheBo Tumor M2-PK stool test?

This new procedure dates back to 2003. It is painless and, at the same time, a very accurate procedure. Instead of checking for blood in the stool, the test is designed to identify a special enzyme produced by the tumor. A positive result will, most likely, indicate a non-malignant growth, such as a polyp, or more seldom, an already malignant tumor. At the same time, though, a positive result does not show a result with 100% accuracy. It may indicate problems such as inflammation of the bowels or other abdominal diseases, thus, positive results require further diagnostic tests such as a colonoscopy.

The best insurance against colorectal cancer is a yearly checkup and screening test especially since the development of the tumor takes several years.