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Screening for a Hidden Cause

Looking for a hidden cause is well worthwhile in the case of the symptoms listed below

  • Joint pain of unknown origin
  • Patchy hair loss
  • Pimples, eczema
  • Inflammation of various layers of the eye (sclera, iris, conjunctiva)
  • Allergy symptoms
  • Long standing disorders of various organs, or organ systems, of unknown origin
  • Fatigue
  • Sleep disorder
  • Fever

In most cases, the hidden cause is without symptoms, not painful, not sensitive and is located in a part of the body other than that of the symptoms.  This makes finding the hidden cause quite difficult.  Since the inflammation can be drawn out, we often do not think of an abnormality in a given site.


The procedure for finding a hidden cause

General examinations

Blood pressure, height, weight, BMI and waist measurement.

Laboratory diagnostic examinations

CBC, sedimentation, liver function, kidney function, blood fats, LDL and  HDL cholesterols, blood sugar, sodium potassium, phosphorus, ALP, uric acid, bilirubin, iron, iron binding capacity, urinalysis, stool blood test, PSA tumor marker (for men), urine culture following prostate massage (for men), CRP, AST, RF, throat discharge culture, vaginal discharge and urethra discharge culture.

Radiologic and diagnostic examinations

Two-dir chest x-ray, ultrasound of the abdomen and small pelvis, x-ray of the sinuses, dental panoramic x-ray (OP).

Screening examinations

Internal medicine screening examination, dermatological screening examination, dental screening examination, otolaryngological screening examination, orthopedic screening examination, ophthalmological screening examination, urological screening examination, prostate examination, gynecological screening examination and cytology          

Summary opinion and health plan

Evaluation of abnormalities, recommendations for preserving good health, scheduling the necessary steps

One-time supplemental consultation regarding results and counseling

Physical checkup within 60 days from the screening examinations, by appointment