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Sports Rehabilitation

Sport rehabilitation program

Until recently, only the best had access!

The Sports Rehabilitation Program of the Buda Health Center is now available to all! Sports activities are the most popular form of recreation, which, aside from being fun, have a very positive effect on our musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems as well as our metabolism. The best way to thoroughly enjoy sports is to be well prepared, to not suffer injuries and experience no pain.

Why should we have professional support?

  • An athlete’s performance level improves gradually, the sport achievement limits being constantly tested and pushed back resulting often in injuries. Sports medicine makes the new international achievement records possible.
  • The amateur athlete may attempt several sports without having proper information regarding the prevention and treatment of injuries and without knowing the proper amount and quality of training that should be done to reach the goals set. This lack of knowledge again results in injuries.


The goal of our sports rehabilitation program is to shorten the time between the onset of injury and recovery. Our highly trained sports doctors are at your disposal with many years’ experience in treating sports injuries, to help you in your rehabilitation following injury using state-of-the-art equipment as used by the Olympic team.

Our team will be involved in your healing process from the time of injury to your return to your sports activities.

What services are available through the program?

The treatment offered by our sports rehabilitation department, is consistent with the requirements of the 21st Century, offering minimally invasive techniques, fast and professional rehabilitation.

We not only offer rehabilitation, but also offer help to our patients in order to suffer less and less serious sports injuries in the future. Our physiotherapists consult with our patients offering advice and recommendations to lessen the number and severity of injuries.

Our patients now have access to the same know-how available to all our athletes as well as the world’s leading athletes that helped them reduce their injuries. Manual therapy, physiotherapy, sports massage, electrotherapy, ultrasonography, laser and Spineliner treatments previously only available to Olympians are now available to all at the Buda Health Center as are x-rays, CT and MRI scans and DEXA.

Our goal is to get to know our Patients in order to work out the best personalized therapy for them.



Hidas, Péter, MD


Leleszi, Rita


Katalin Mogyorósi


Györgyi Scheuring