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    Doppler Ultrasound


    Doppler Ultrasound examination enables us to examine blood circulation in various parts of the body as well as the arteries and veins.  We can gain information regarding the blood vessel walls, their width and condition, the velocity of blood flow and the increase or decrease of vascular resistance.  

    When examining venal circulation we look for the presence of thrombosis in the veins and check for occlusion.  When examining the limbs, we look for dilated varicose veins, inadequate venous valves and check the condition of deep veins.  When examining arterial circulation, we mainly look at the condition of the vessel walls, check for calcium deposits, narrowing and its extent.

    What areas of the body may be examined?

    The areas of the body most often examined with Doppler are the veins of the neck and the upper and lower limbs, possibly also the veins of the internal organs.

    Special circulatory system examinations are possible of both the fetus and the mother during pregnancy.

    Advance preparation

    Examinations of the blood vessels of the limbs and of the neck and during pregnancy do not require preparation.  Examinations of the abdominal veins are best done when the Patient’s stomach and the intestines are empty.


    There are no contraindications since the ultrasound is not dangerous to the human body.