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    Payment Methods


    Please note that we cannot make any changes or corrections to the invoice once it is printed. Be sure to give us the name and address of the person or company to whom the invoice should be made out and verify for correctness before printing.

    Payment methods

    • Cash
    • Bank card (we temporarily cannot accept American Express cards)
    • Health fund (Egészségpénztár)

    You may pay through your health fund two ways

    • Cash or bank card: when you pay the invoice amount with cash or a bank card, your health fund will re-emburse you upon receipt of your claim. We can make an invoice out to any of the health funds below, in which case, we will need the fund’s name and billing address and the member’s name and membesrhip number.
    • Health fund card: if you are a member of a fund, you may pay the invoice amount with the fund’s card. The amount of the transaction will be blocked on the member’s fund account and then transferred to the provider. The Buda Health Center accepts the following health fund cards: NAVOSZ Egészségpénztár, Allianz Hungária Egészségpénztár, PRÉMIUM Egészségpénztár, DIMENZIÓ Önkéntes Kölcsönös Egészségpénztár, Generali Önkéntes Egészségpénztár, Medicina Egészségpénztár, MKB Egészségpénztár, OTP Országos Egészségpénztár, Patika Egészségpénztár, Új Pillér Egészségpénztár, Vasutas Egészségpénztár

    Holders of the cards shown below, will receive a 10% discount on all our outpatient services*

    Fizetési módok1

    Holders of the cards shown below, will receive a 20% discount on all our outpatient services*

    Fizetési módok2jav

    20% discount for members of the Hungarian Medical Chamber *

    Fizetési módok3jav

    * Cannot be combined with other discounts. Exceptions to the discount are: serial treatments, certain special laboratory tests, stool genomics, use of certain vaccines, inpatient care, one-day surgery, COVID tests, telephone consultations, PRP treatment, bundled services.