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Immunization Program


Prevention is a very important aspect of health care.  To this end, we have developed our screening programs for adults and children and provide, under our immunization program, information regarding children's obligatory immunizations and do the actual vaccinations.  We have also worked out an immunization schedule for children of the required and recommended vaccinations.

In the case of adults, it is important that they too be protected from epidemics and dangerous, but, preventable diseases.  With the worldwide outbreak of the new H1N1 virus, proper information has become especially important since, the only current protection and prevention available against the N1H1 virus is vaccination.

Various other viral diseases are preventable through vaccines.  If you enjoy going for walks, especially in the woods or the hills, it is advisable that you be vaccinated against tic-borne diseases such as meningitis.  Viral cervical cancer may also be prevented in this like manner.   For a list of recommended vaccinations, please click here.

The Buda Health Center is an International Immunization Center.  Should you be travelling to exotic, faraway places, all your required immunizations may be obtained here.

For more information on travel immunizations, click here.