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    Price list

    You may find our Price Lists below by clicking on the sites below. The price lists do not contain all our services. For additional information, please contact our dispatchers at 489-5200, or our receptionists or write to us at info@bhc.hu.

    We recommend that you have a medical consultation before requesting any laboratory tests! This will insure that the tests are medically indicated and that you will avoid unnecessary examinations and costs.

    Several of the tests listed below require samples taken from you by your doctor, thus, in addition to the laboratory costs, these tests will include the doctor's fees.

    • Bacteria culture (ENT Physician, Internist, Urologist/Gynecologist)
    • Chlamydia trachomatis DNA - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Gardnerella vaginals DNA - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Human Papilloma virus (HPV) typing, STD panels - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Herpes simplex - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • PAP smear - Gynecologist
    • Synovial fluid analysis, cell count - Rheumatologist, Orthopedist
    • Mycoplasma genitalium - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Neisseria gonorrhoeae - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • PCA3 gene test - Urologist
    • Urinalysis (following massage) - Urologist
    • Trichomonas vaginalis DNA - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Ureaplasma DNA - Urologist/Gynecologist
    • Urine culture (following massage) - Urologist

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