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    Boja, Sára, Zsuzsanna

    To make an appointment or for more information, call +36 1 489 5200, where we will receive your call every weekday between 8.00 and 20.00.

    Medical specialism

    • Active and passive stretching
    • Development of balance and coordination
    • Ergonomic and lifestyle consultation
    • Fitball and TheraBand training
    • Functional training
    • Spine (general)
    • Spinal exercise for mothers-to-be
    • Treatment for spinal curvature
    • Spinal curvature – Schroth mode
    • Treatment for incontinence
    • Yoga
    • Cardiological and pulmonological rehabilitation
    • Manual therapy
      • Maitland concept
      • McKenzie concept
    • Peripheral neurodynamics
    • Pilates
    • Sport rehabilitation
    • Stabilising exercises
    • Posture exercises
    • Joint and soft tissue mobilisation by Terrier

    Professional experience

    • 2008 – 2014: National Center for Spinal Disorders
      • Physiotherapist
    • 2010 – : Buda Health Center
      • Physiotherapist
      • Private movement therapist

    Education and qualifications

    • 2003: Pädagogische Hochschule, Weingarten, Germany
    • 2007: International Course on Health Care Issues, Nijmegen, Netherlands
    • 2007: The technological connection between physiotherapy and wellness, Tampere, Finland
    • 2008: Physiotherapy, Faculty of Health Sciences, Semmelweis University
    • 2008: Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Károly Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
    • Manual therapy course by Maitland
    • McKenzie A, B course, International McKenzie Institute
    • Application of Russian manual therapy
    • Foundation for Holistic Medicine
    • Segmental stabilisation of the pelvis and lumbar spine
    • Joint and soft tissue mobilisation technique by Terrier
    • 3D scoliosis therapy by Schroth
    • Sport tape course
    • Core stability, exercise and motor control for low back pain, Helsinki
    • Functional Movement Screening
    • The biomechanical mutation of the shoulder joint’s degenerative progression and fundamentals of its treatment
    • On the basis of knee joint injuries degenerative progressions are analysed by international biomechanical examinations and these are subject to surgical and/or physiotherapy treatment

    Language skills

    • German
    • English

    Professional and society membership

    • Hungarian Society of Physiotherapists

    Scientific activity

    • Co-worker in a prevention project by GENODISC
    • Boja S, Lazáry Á, Szilágyi Á, Trager G, Somhegyi A, Varga PP: “A thoracolumbális gerinc teljes és szegmentális mozgásterjedelme gyermekkorban” – GENODISC prevention project I; The Hungarian Orthopaedic Association and the Hungarian Traumatology Society 2010 annual common Congress
    • Boja S, Lazáry Á, Szilágyi Á, Trager G, Somhegyi A, Varga PP: “A tartásjavító torna hatása az izomegyensúlyra és a tartáshibákra” – GENODISC prevention project II.; The Hungarian Spine Society 2010. annual Congress
    • Boja S, Lazáry Á, Szilágyi Á, Trager G, Somhegyi A, Varga PP: “Az iskolai tartásjavító program hatása a gerinc funkcionális kapacitására” – Hungarian Orthopaedic Association and the Hungarian Traumatology Society 2011 annual Common Congress, and 2012 annual Common Congress

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    At the seven-time Superbrands award-winning Buda Health Center, you have the opportunity to attend the private practices of more than 300 renowned specialists, offering expertise in nearly 45 medical specialisms, at three locations. Personalized care is provided by a well-trained and empathetic staff of professionals, who have been working together for a long time. Based on our 20 years of experience and the feedback received from our 330,000 clients, we are constantly working to organize our healthcare services in the most efficient way possible for those who visit us, paying respect to their needs and time. 

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