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    One Step Ahead of the Flu

    Jelen cikk 2022.02.21. előtt készült.

    Utolsó módosítás dátuma: 2022-05-13

    Many of us have been very happy this winter at not having had to deal freezing weather.  Yet, the lack of frost is not only damaging to nature but it allows bacteria and viruses to grow and spread thus allowing the number of cases of colds and flu to also grow.  When our throat hurts or our nose is plugged, we often don’t even pay attention to these unpleasant symptoms.

    This is certainly acceptable in the case of the common cold, since with rest and home medicines and care the symptoms will disappear in a few days.  If, however, these should be accompanied by a rise in temperature, pain in the limbs and headaches, then it is best to seek medical care.  These symptoms may be due to influenza which, if left untreated, may result in serious complications.

    “Many believe that home rest is not necessary when contracting a cold.  Yet, the cold is caused by viruses that mainly infect through droplet infection that are spread through the air or are found on various articles of use.  Thus, it is well worthwhile to spend a few days at home to allow us to recover quickly and to prevent us from infecting others.  However, should we have a sudden rise in temperature, feel dejected and our muscles ache, then, we might very well have contracted the flu in which instance, it is very worthwhile to see a doctor to examine you thoroughly and then decide on the appropriate treatment,” said Judit Nagy, MD, Medical Director of the Buda Health Center, internist and occupation health doctor.

    As with other diseases, the flu can be prevented or, in the least, the symptoms made more bearable.   One of the ways is to avoid crowded and enclosed spaces, wash our hands often during the day, especially after having been in a crowded public transport or around several infected persons.  The other is a proper diet of daily raw vegetables and fruits – the vitamins will help strengthen your immune system.  Sauerkraut and squash, for example, are very high in vitamin C.  Furthermore, they can be prepared in many different ways for variety.   Also, we must not forget sports even in the cold winter months.  Sporting activities will not only increase our stamina but, being able to move our bodies after a long day’s sedentary work, will have a very positive effect on our mood.

    Many believe strongly in the flu vaccine; however, those who choose this method of protection should do so in plenty of time.  It will not do to rush out to be vaccinated at the height of the epidemic since it takes two to three weeks for the vaccine to become effective.  A cold or other ailment may also come into play, preventing its administration.  Certain persons such as those over 60 years, hospital workers, children over 6 months with special children’s vaccine, and those working with a great number of people should all be vaccinated.      

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