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    How to enjoy a truly peaceful Christmas.

    Jelen cikk 2022.02.21. előtt készült.

    Utolsó módosítás dátuma: 2022-05-13

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    Advent is a time of anticipation and preparation.  Buildings and streets are by now aglow with festive lights, vendors in top hats call to us on street corners to stop awhile for roasted chestnuts and, within the homes, windows on advent calendars are carefully being opened evoking childhood memories and transporting us back to yesteryear, to Christmases past. 

    In our endeavor to find the most beautiful, the most unusual, the most interesting, the best and the most presents, to have our homes beautifully decorated, spotless and shining and to serve our friends and family at least a five-course dinner, we become so embroiled that we often forget the true meaning of Christmas and are so full of stress and tension by the time Christmas Day comes around, that the entire tired family is snappy and cross with each other.  Emőke Fülöp, clinical psychologist at the Buda Health Center, offers a few pointers that would allow you to enjoy the Holiday Season.

    “Many have great expectations and plan way ahead using every minute of their time to prepare while others leave everything to the very last minute.  We often think of this time as a special occasion full of expectations and traditions that we are expected to meet.  We would like everything to be perfect; however, the countless things to be done and the various differing expectations to be met make this quite impossible.  Many expectations may be set too high which, after awhile, become impossible to realize. 

    The fact that we are not capable of taking charge of events is exactly what causes the greatest tension in us.  Thus, it would behoove us to bring down our expectations of perfection for the holidays to a more realistic level.  It is also important, beside all the objective things, to take time to prepare ourselves psychologically for the holidays, to enable us to enjoy a relaxing and peaceful Christmas Season.

    Seven tips to help maintain the family’s equilibrium

    Have the family share in the things to do.  You do not have to do everything alone and forget that anyone would expect that of you.  Discuss with the family the division of labor.  Don’t wait for them to notice that you are overburdened and expect them to offer help on their own.

    Take time to rest!  When you feel tired during the day, take a few moments and spoil yourself with a hot bath, a cup of tea or whatever would feel the best.  A little relaxation with gentle deep breathing will reenergize you.

    Don’t wait to the last minute to buy gifts.  It is, of course, not practical to start thinking about what to buy for our loved ones in the Summer but, last minute scrambling comes to no good end either.  Optimally, you may start thinking about what special gifts you may want to buy a few weeks before Christmas and a little before that for handmade items.

    Do not let minor things upset you!  Most disagreements are caused by little misunderstandings, impatient comments and hurtful words.  Differentiate between significant and insignificant things and do not become upset if things do not turn out exactly the way you planned.  Peace is usually much more important than a “perfect evening” that we might end up tense with arguments.

    Prepare a schedule!  Make a list of the usual things you need to do during the holidays allocating enough time to each item, and include time for relaxation.  We can save a considerable amount of time by buying everything we need in one trip instead of having to repeatedly go to the store or having to scramble to get things at the last minute

    Take care of yourself!  We are worth beautifying ourselves too, not just our home!  Make an appointment with your hairdresser in time!  A nice manicure might also be in order!

    Do not try to please everyone!  We are often reluctant to let our families know of our desire to make changes such as not wanting to visit all parents and siblings on Christmas Eve.  An open, frank discussion is often much more expedient than trying to comply with expectations that are assumed most times.  When choosing gifts, it is not the price that counts.  Do not stretch your family budget since serious consequences may follow later and only cook as much as is needed – you do not have to follow traditions.  Crisscrossing the entire country to visit everyone will not make the Holidays perfect!

    May Christmas be just the way you would like it to be!

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