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    Vitamin D

    Jelen cikk 2022.02.21. előtt készült.

    Utolsó módosítás dátuma: 2022-04-20

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    Vitamin D has been receiving increased attention over the past few years since the recognition that its role is not restricted to bone metabolism - it also plays an important part in our body’s immune process.  Vitamin D is one of the oldest compounds of our system required by just about every organ in our body in order to work properly.  Its absence or low level increases the risk of numerous disorders.

    • Vitamin D is one of the oldest compounds of our system required by just about our every organ in our body in order to work properly.
    • Vitamin D deficiency is most prevalent in Winter and Spring.  The vitamin D level of a significant percent (75-80%) of the Hungarian population is lower than normal.  The best way to discover the vitamin D level is through a blood test.  The normal value is 30-100 ng/ml (nanogramm/milliliter) with serious consequences (rachitis) in children and infants at a level below 11 ng/ml.  A consistent 20 ng/ml value will be a deficiency with consequences in the long run.
    • It is best known for protecting the bones which occurs, in large part, by regulating the calcium content of our body.  Thus, it plays a extremely important part in the prevention of osteoporosis since calcium is absorbed through the bowels for which vitamin D is necessary.
    • A proper amount of vitamin D is necessary to activate the congenital and acquired immunization cells’ functions decreasing thus the inflammatory processes independent of age.
    • Vitamin D deficiency may play a part in sterility as well as the increased inflammation of the mucosa in asthma sufferers
    • The immunological effects of vitamin D are varied - it increases congenital immunity and also prevents autoimmune disorders.
    • Vitamin D deficiency also increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and obesity in adults.
    • Many tests have confirmed that vitamin D prevents tumor cells from multiplying and proliferating thus playing a dominant part in preventing, primarily, colon, breast and prostate cancer.
    • A natural source of vitamin D is primarily mother’s milk and animal milk products (kefir, yoghurt, cream and hard cheese), but it can also be found in margarine, fish (herring, salmon, cod liver oil), caviar and egg yolk.
    • Though it is well known that 80% of the vitamin D our body requires is produced in the skin through the effects of sunlight and 10-20% from a balanced diet, in most cases, these are not enough to meet the ideal vitamin D level.

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