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    Heat Alert – How to Beat the Heat!

    Jelen cikk 2022.02.21. előtt készült.

    Utolsó módosítás dátuma: 2022-04-20

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    Sweltering heat? Sultry days and unbearably hot nights?  You would rather spend the entire day in your air-conditioned office or on the beach? The heat and the constant perspiration can take its toll on the body, if we are not careful, not to mention the danger of sunstroke resulting from the intense heat.   There is no need to panic, though.  With a few tricks, these dog days can be more bearable and sun stroke avoided.

    Do not take lightly the strength of the burning sun!

    If we stay in the sun during the hottest time of day, there is a good chance of getting sun stroke or, in rare cases, heat stroke the chance of which is even more  increased if we are engaged in physical work.  Heat stroke occurs when the body cannot rid itself of the excess heat and becomes overheated. The resulting rise in temperature can be life threatening.  Dizziness, loss of consciousness, increased pulse rate, breathing difficulties and muscle spasms are some of the symptoms to watch for.  The individual should be moved to a cool spot in the shade, the clothes loosened and medical help found as soon as possible”, said Dr. Nóra Nagy-László, Occupational Health Director at the Buda Health Center.

    Sunstroke, on the other hand, is caused mainly by the burning rays of the sun.  Its symptoms, fever, shivers, headaches, nausea and fatigue, are milder but very unpleasant.   Staying in a cool, darkened, quiet room and a cooling shower may bring relief.  In order to prevent sunstroke and heatstroke, stay in the shade as much as possible, but, if you must be in the sun, wear light colored clothing, cover your head, wear light clothes and drink plenty of fluids.

    Water, water and still more water!

    In the sweltering heat, our body uses an increased amount of perspiration to cool itself.  In order to continue to do so, the fluid in our body must continually be replaced.  In times like these, our fluid intake should be 3 to 4 liters per day.  What should we drink, exactly?  If you have been drinking mostly soft drinks, forget about them fast!  Clear water is excellent for extinguishing your thirst and it has no sugar to rev up your system.  If you are tired of drinking tap water, squeeze a little lemon juice into it or drink carbonated water or 100% fruit juice.

    In the sweltering heat, most of us would wish for nothing more than an ice cold soft drink, however, contrary to common belief its cooling effect would only last a few minutes.  Hot drinks, of course, would not have the desired cooling effect either and the even the experts are not in agreement regarding the perfect temperature of the liquid we should consume.  They all do, however, stress the importance of regular liquid intake.  Thus, we should drink as much water as possible!

    Some tips for the hot days:

    • Wear lose clothing made of light material and stay away from dark colors

    • Always carry water with you and don’t be afraid to walk through misting portals when it is very hot

    • Do pay attention to weather forecasts and their warnings and stay in a cool place, out of the sun, in times of high heat.    

    • Keep out of direct sunlight, wear a hat and use high factor sun screen.

    • Shut all windows during the day to keep the outdoor heat out.  Let fresh air in in the early morning or in the evening hours.

    • Take additional care when travelling.  Our reactions slow down due to the heat increasing the risk of accidents!

    • Do not plan bigger or physically straining work during times of sweltering heat!

    • Pay increased attention to the elderly and the children making sure that they keep out of the sun during the midday hours and that they consume enough water.

    • Let’s not forget about our pets either!  Make sure that they have enough water at their disposal and never leave them alone in a locked car.

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