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    Precision and Partnership - Interview with Zoltán Máthé, MD

    Jelen cikk 2022.02.21. előtt készült.

    Utolsó módosítás dátuma: 2022-08-22

    Interview with Zoltán Máthé, MD






    Zoltán Máthé, MD, recently joined the surgical team of the Buda Health Center.  Dr. Máthé specializes in surgery of the liver, in the surgical treatment of endocrine disorders and in the transplantation of the liver, kidneys and the pancreas.  Transplantation as well as techniques and approaches of liver surgery that Dr. Máthé mastered during his training abroad are considered pioneering methods here, in Hungary.  


    Dr. Máthé sees patients at the Buda Health Center.   

    What problems do patients come to you for consultation?

    My basic specialty is general surgery.  I received special training abroad in the surgical treatment of disorders of the liver, the spleen and the pancreas.  I principally see patients with liver cancer and metastasis as well as bile duct and pancreatic disorders.  I will also see patients with kidney stones. 

    Due to the advances made in liver surgery, a number of liver cancers are now operable with excellent results.

    In addition to the above, I also see patients for surgical treatment of endocrine disorders including thyroid, parathyroid and adrenal gland disorders and tumors.

    In cases of gall stones, liver tumors in favorable locations and disorders of the adrenals, I prefer „keyhole surgery”, the laparoscopy technique.  I will also willingly see patients with difficult and complex abdominal tumors and am available for give second opinions, if requested, in which case I require the patient’s previous medical and diagnostic (CT, MRI, PET-CT) records in written and electronic form (CD’s or other data base).

    I will also be happy to consult regarding organ transplant..

    Based on your many experiences while working aborad, would you say that the surgical methods observed there could be applied here, in Hungary?

    I worked in university clinics in Switzerland and Canada for two years each and then for six years in Germany.  The time I spent in Canada (University of Toronto Clinic) was also an important time for advanced studies in surgery where I received high level structured training in advanced liver and bile duct surgery and in transplantation of abdominal organs.  I was able to use this training in one of the leading university clinics in Germany.  Some of the international methods I gained experience in could easily be applied here.  Such as the liver and bile duct surgery that has progressed significantly over the past few years and, especially, the refined live donor transplantation techniques that make resection of previously inoperable tumors possible, be it even in several phases, if needed.  All this, of course, requires team work.

    You took courses in advanced studies in laparoscopy and robot-assisted surgery. In your opinion, what is the future of these two areas?

    The laporoscopic technique has been gaining favor in many areas of general surgery.  When used in carefully chosen cases, it has many advantages such as smaller incisions, faster healing and shorter hospital stay.  The technique found a place in liver and pancreatic surgery and, depending on the location of the tumor, it can be used routinely in gal stone as well as liver surgery. 

    Robotic surgery is a further development of the laparoscopic technique that allows for even more precise surgery.  Robotic surgery allows for greater latitude, the instruments move in many directions, and in addition to greater magnification, the procedure may be performed in three dimensions.  As far as I know, this is not yet possible in Hungary do date.

    In addition to the professional knowledge, did you perhaps find insights to bring home from abroad?

    I have experienced and feel that it is very important that the patients be partners in their treatment and that they be given detailed information.  When the patients take part in their treatment, the patients will understand the nature of their illness, the results expected from the surgery and the prospects which will result in a faster and more effective recovery.  In summary, precision, partnership and the security of the patient is the approach I brought home and incorporated in my work.

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