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    Nagy, Judit, MD

    To make an appointment or for more information, call +36 1 489 5200, where we will receive your call every weekday between 8.00 and 20.00.


    The motto of the Buda Health Center called you „Gondoskodó szakértelem”…
    I have been working for 15 years as a medical doctor at the BHC, and I’ve been working for 6 years as the head of disease prevention screening, with respect for and the application of the expectations of international patient care in Hungarian private health care; with a belief in the following: empathy, conscientiousness, integrative care (a holistic view), solution-oriented and patient management that provides quality of life. I created and manage the care throughout the BHC, in the patient care besides the annual condition examination and managing their care, but the complex package, which consists of health keeping whereby the patients receives the recommended examinations, checks, actual vaccinations using modern devices – creating the National Vaccational Center –on the due date. As an occupational doctor, I can integrate the harmful effects of working, and the knowledge of examinations and usage of medicines as a clinical pharmacologist. As a mother of a nuclear family – whose child wants to follow my committed role as a physician – I follow and expect a strict moral code, like in my health care services.

    Medical specialism

    • Internal medicine
    • Prevention of diseases, family medicine basic treatment
    • Screening examinations
    • Occupational medicine
    • Clinical pharmacology
    • Maintenance-governance and service management

    Professional experience

    • National Ambulance Service, Paramedic
    • 1st Department of Internal Medicine, Semmelweis University, Clinician
    • Department of General Practitioners, Semmelweis University, General practitioner resident
    • Novartis Kft Budapest, Novartis Austria (Vienna), Doctor consultant
    • Private practice
    • 2003 – : Buda Health Center
      Head of Physician Provision
      Medical director

    Education and qualifications

    • 1991: Faculty of Medicine – Semmelweis University
    • 1998: qualifying exam as a general practitioner
    • 2000: qualifying exam in clinical pharmacology
    • 2002: qualifying exam in occupational medicine
    • 2006: diploma in medical law

    Language of consultation

    • Hungarian
    • English
    • German

    Scientific activities

    • Research
      Diabetology, 1st Department of Internal Medicine. Semmelweis University
      Presentations at foreign and domestic events
      Foreign study tours and conferences

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