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Kása, Dorottya, Ada

Medical specialism

  • Feeling stuck in life 
  • Difficulties and crises in relationships
  • Conflicts in relationships
  • Self-esteem issues
  • Anxiety problems
  • Mood problems
  • Self-knowledge issues
  • Stress management
  • Difficulties related to lifestyle changes
  • Coping with chronic diseases
  • Spinal and other somatic and psychosomatic problems
  • Preparation for surgery

Professional experience

  • 2017 – : Psychological Outpatient Clinic, National Center for Spinal Disorders
    • Psychologist
  • 2019 – : Buda Health Center

Education and qualifications

  • 2015: BA in psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
  • 2017: MA in clinical and health psychology, Faculty of Humanities, Károli Gáspár University of the Reformed Church in Hungary
  • 2017– : Specialty training in clinical and mental hygiene adult psychology, Faculty of General Medicine and Faculty of Humanities, University of Pécs

Professional and society membership

  • Hungarian Psychological Association

Scientific activity

  • Articles, publications
    • Stoll D. P., Kása D. A., Dr. Lazáry J. (2017) Lower back pain and depression. (Derékfájás és depresszió.) Gerincgyógyászati Szemle, 2017/2., p. 126-135.

    • Kövi Zs., Kovács K., Szappanos Cs., Kása D., Péter-Szarka Sz., Faragó B., Dávid M., Rózsa S. (2016). Age developmental pattern and correlates of performance in the n-back task. (Az N-vissza feladatban nyújtott teljesítmény életkori fejlődési mintázata és korrelátumai.) Psychologia Hungarica, IV/1. 86–126.

    • Kövi Zs., Grezsa F., Mirnics Zs., Rózsa S., Vargha A., Kása D., Koós T., Vass Z. (2016). Spiritual and mental well-being as a protective factor in substance abuse. (Spirituális lelki jóllét mint szerhasználati protektív tényező.) In: Sepsi, E. – Lovász, I. – Kiss, G. – Faludy, J. (eds.): Vallás és művészet. Károli könyvek. Budapest, L'Harmattan, 31-44.

    • Kövi Zs., Grezsa F., Mirnics Zs., Rózsa S., Vargha A., Kása D., Koós T., Vass Z. (2015): Religious and mental well-being in primary and secondary school students. (A vallásosság és a lelki jóllét alakulása általános és középiskolásoknál.) Vallástudományi Szemle, 3-4, p. 58-69.

    • Kövi, Zs., Hevesi, K., Rózsa, S., Jaksic, N., Kása, D., Mirnics, Zs., Mersdorf, A., Vass, Z. (2014). Indicators of Pathological Narcissism in the Sixty Second Drawing Test. Confinia Psychopathologica, 2(2), 45-79
  • Presentations 
    • Kása D., Kuczogi G., Lovas É., Kövi Zs., Rózsa S., Jaksic N., Mirnics Zs., Vass Z. (2015). Indicators of pathological narcissism in the Sixty Second Drawing Test. (Patológiás nárcizmus mutatói a Hatvan Másodperces Rajztesztben.) Humans in a world of ever-changing technological environment. (LÉLEK-NET A LÉLEKNEK: Az ember a változó technikai közegek világában.) 24th National Scientific Congress of the Hungarian Psychological Association. May 28-30, 2015 Eger, Eszterházy Károly College.
  • Posters
    • Kuczogi G., Lovas É., Kása D., Kövi Zs., Vass Z. (2015). Sixty Seconds Drawing Test in the assessment of materialism and spiritual well-being. (Hatvan Másodperces Rajzteszt a materializmus és lelki jóllét mérésében.) Posters HPA 24th Congress, Eger

    • Kövi Zs., Bagdy E., Homoki L., Kása D. (2015). Psychological problems and solutions for pastors. (Lelki problémák és megoldások lelkészeknél.) Posters HPA 24th Congress, Eger

    • Kása D., Lovas É., Surányi Zs., Mirnics Zs., Bagdy E. (2014). A perfekcionizmus problémamintázatának kvantitatív vizsgálata. (Quantitative assessment of the problem patterns of perfectionism.) Posters HPA 23rd Congress, Târgu Mureș

Should You like to make an appointment with our collegue for private consultation, please dial the number +36-1-489-5200, where our dispatchers will answer your call between 8am and 8pm every weekday!

Patient safety protocol

We consider the safety of our patients and our professionals to be of the utmost importance, therefore, in accordance with the current regulations in force, we implement several protective measures against COVID-19 in our Institute, which you can read about in detail HERE. A negative PCR test is required for oral and other body cavity examinations or interventions if the patient had a positive PCR test in the last 3 weeks prior to the test.

The high level of interest in coronavirus testing has proportionally increased the workload of our telephone customer service. In order to improve our service, we provide a dedicated telephone line for corona virus test appointments: +36 1 999-1727
At the above telephone number - on weekdays between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. - our colleagues only book appointments for coronavirus testing.

To download the on-site pre-screening questionnaire, please click HERE!

In order to provide mandatory information to the National eHealth Infrastructure (EESZT) in accordance with legal regulations, the basic condition for starting care for all Hungarian citizens is to provide the number of the social security identification card ("TAJ kártya") and to provide credible proof of your personal data. In the case of foreign nationals who do not have a TAJ, the number of the foreign travel document will be recorded.