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    Healthcare services for business partners

    For more information about the services, contact our colleagues at the email address ekp_ertekesites@bhc.hu.
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    Why choose the Buda Health Center?

    The Buda Health Center has become the most comprehensive provider of healthcare services in Budapest ranging from out-patient care to preventive screening examinations and from flat-rate services to in-hospital care. More than 350 national and international corporations have chosen us for their healthcare needs. 

    Over 300 physicians, in 45 specialties, are ready to provide you and your employees a comprehensive healthcare in a friendly atmosphere.

    our offers for corporate partners

    Results you can Expect

    • Increased competitiveness in the market place

    • Decreased sick leaves

    • More effective human relations

    • Increased company loyalty

    • Better positions in the labor market

    • Increased recognition

    • Well-balanced, motivated employees

    We will work out an exclusive proposal to meet your special needs and requirements.

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