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    Why choose the Buda Health Center?

    The Buda Health Center has become the most comprehensive provider of health care services in Budapest ranging from out-patient care to preventive screening examinations and from flat-rate services to in-hospital care. More than 220 national and international corporations have chosen us for their health care needs. 

    Over 130 physicians, in 45 specialties, are ready to provide you and your employees a comprehensive health care in a friendly atmosphere.

    Results you can Expect

    • Increased competitiveness in the market place

    • Decreased sick leaves

    • More effective human relations

    • Increased company loyalty

    • Better positions in the labor market

    • Increased recognition

    • Well-balanced, motivated employees

    We will work out an exclusive proposal to meet your special needs and requirements.

     If you are interested in a proposal, please click here.

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