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    Physiotherapy is a specific therapy, which cannot be substituted with any other method. In accordance with international guidelines, physiotherapists make physiotherapy assessments and musculoskeletal diagnoses, based on which they make unique treatment plans and determine therapeutic goals.

    Physiotherapy is a specific physiotherapy procedure.

    With respect to the patient’s condition, physiotherapists apply the most appropriate combination of therapies they know. Certain techniques of physiotherapy (positioning, passive mobilization, peripheral nerve mobilisation, manual therapy) may be effective as early as the acute phase even when the patient experiences severe pain. With the intense symptoms decreasing and fading, active movement therapy can be initiated. Regarding every chronic musculoskeletal diseases, it is important that the patient does the acquired exercise program regularly at home as well. Hence lasting results and improvement in quality of life may be achieved, and the flare-up of symptoms may be prevented.

    A coordinated teamwork of doctors and physiotherapists, whose job builds upon the other, promotes the patient’s quick recovery and rehabilitation at our Institute. Our physiotherapists have comprehensive knowledge in the field of spinal disorders, although treat other musculoskeletal conditions as well, such as dysfunctions related to the knee or hip joint.

    The high quality care of musculoskeletal conditions is guaranteed by several physiotherapists and massage therapists with outstanding professional readiness, working in 6 physiotherapy rooms and 2 massage therapy rooms. Most of them speak English, German or Spanish. During physiotherapy sessions they restore the functional capacity of the spine, which means that they increase the range of motion, as well as improve the strength and endurance of muscles stabilizing the spine to the extent possible when treating a certain disorder.

    Physiotherapy - physiotherapy

    With regularly practising the special training taught by our colleagues, our patients may achieve such improvement in the quality of life that can make them able to do daily activities in the long run (work, sports or hobbies) without suffering from the symptoms.

    The different physiotherapy sessions are preceded by a physiotherapy assessment in all cases, based on which a physiotherapy diagnosis and a treatment plan is made.

    For more information about prevention and further educational content, please visit the Physiotherapy website of Gerinces Magazin (in Hungarian) or National Center for Spinal Disorders’ YouTube channel.

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